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The Best (& Worst) Dressed At The Single Life Tell All

90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life season 2 cast members stood out for their fashion choices on the Tell All stage. Here are the best and worst looks.

The first half of the 90 Day: The Single Life season 2 Tell-All shocked fans this weekend, and it’s just the tip of the drama iceberg. Season 2 was eventful for many cast members, and several of the show’s stars showed up on the Tell-All stage looking their best. However, others’ style choices left a lot to be desired.

This second season of the popular 90 Day Fiancé spin-off has received very mixed reviews from fans. Many viewers feel like The Single Life has gone too far and criticized the often graphic and salacious content featured on-screen. Overall, fans have also slammed the show’s casting decisions. Despite this lukewarm feedback, though, The Single Life season 2 is going out with a bang with its special Tell-All episode, and the cast members’ fashion is part of what is drawing audiences.


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Good: Tania Maduro

Tania hasn’t always gotten praise from fans for her style choices. At The Single Life Tell-All, however, she looked positively radiant. Her form-fitting red dress and bright red lip paired well with her signature long, dark hair. Even though her shoes were clearly giving her issues, the look was stellar overall. During the Tell-All, Tania looked the best fans had ever seen her, despite the recent disturbing allegations about her ex-husband Syngin Colchester that are looming.

Good: Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie Mordovtseva 90 Day The Single Life

Though her journey on The Single Life didn’t end with finding love, Natalie still looked fantastic on the Tell-All. She’s been often criticized for her heavy makeup looks, and while Natalie still had a full face on at the Tell-All, her makeup was applied with a lighter hand and less eyeliner. Natalie looked striking in a cobalt blue dress that accentuated her figure, and though she didn’t get much screen time in part 1, it was hard for viewers to take their eyes off her.

Good: Vanessa Guerra

Vanessa Guerra Colt Johnson 90 Day The SIngle Life

It was clear that Vanessa had a difficult time at the Tell-All discussing her recent miscarriage and separation from her husband Colt Johnson. Therefore, it was a good thing that her outfit provided her with maximum comfort. Alas, that’s not to say that she didn’t look great as well. Vanessa’s mint green striped jumpsuit was both stylish and easy to wear. It’s no surprise that Vanessa was the person responsible for the makeover for mother-in-law Debbie Johnson over the course of season 2.

Bad: Jesse Meester

Jesse Meester 90 Day the Single Life

Jesse attended the Tell-All via a video live-stream while on a tropical getaway with girlfriend Jeniffer Tarazona. However, in his black turtleneck and navy blazer, Jesse looked dour and out of place. Some fans felt like the look gave off cult leader vibes, and Jesse’s style decisions didn’t go over well with the audience.

Bad: Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson 90 Day The Single Life

It’s clear that Debbie made major improvements to her style on The Single Life season 2 while still rocking the red hair she got on the show. During the Tell-All, Debbie looked great in her light pink blouse and wide-leg black pants. However, the devil is in the details, and viewers were distracted by the bright red bra peeking through her top. Fashion tape would have been a prudent move, but her style choices were still better overall.

Bad: Colt Johnson

Colt Johnson 90 Day The Single Life

Though most of the franchise’s stars on the Tell-All stage made an effort to dress their best, Colt didn’t seem to get the memo. He showed up looking ultra-casual in black pants, a t-shirt, and a denim jacket. Colt looked out of place on the Tell-All, but because he isn’t the most fashion-minded in the first place, he probably doesn’t care about the criticism he’ll get for his laid-back look.

There’s still more of the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell-All left. So far, however, the fashion choices of the season 2 cast members have already stood out to viewers. There are sure to be more shocking revelations, and the audience is in for a heck of a show.

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