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One Quote From Each Main Character That Sums Up Their Personality

Smallville was one of the shows that superhero fans started with and brings on nostalgic memories. With the series came a new generation of superheroes and established the foundation for all future superhero programs. Smallville opened up new possibilities for how the genre could prosper. For that, fans are forever grateful.

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At the time it was one of a kind and entertaining to watch. Just as there are memorable scenes, there are memorable quotes from each character. Some of these iconic one-liners live rent-free in fans’ minds as they capture the main characters’ personalities perfectly. Not to mention that these quotes left an impact on the show and fans alike.



“You Made A Difficult Choice. I’m Proud Of You Kal-El.”

Jor-El at the Fortress of Solitude in Smallville

Clark and Jor-El’s relationship was an uncommon one, seeing that the Jor-El on Earth was an artificial intelligence left behind to guide Clark. It was only a mere fragment of who the actual man was and lacked empathy and remorse. The AI Jor-el was cold, distant, and set on having Clark fulfill his “destiny” by any means necessary.

In time, just as Clark grew, so did the AI Jor-El. He’d come to understand Clark’s upbringing and human emotions made Clark a better hero. He even thanked Martha for everything she’d done. The convening moment of Jor-El’s two personalities was in “Abyss” when Jor-El expresses his pride for Clark. It merged the two identities and showed Jor-El’s true love for his son.

Oliver Queen

“We’re Supposed To Be The Good Guys. But Sometimes We Have To Get Our Hands Dirty, Do What’s Necessary. It’s The Only Option.”

On the outside, Oliver Queen appeared only to be the famous billionaire with a charismatic demeanor and limitless wit but was also the vigilante archer, Green Arrow.

With a Robin Hood mindset, Oliver stole from the rich and gave to the poor. He used his money and skill to do good rather than evil, only his version of good was morally cloudy. Their clashing morals are what made him and Clark so different. Oliver was willing to commit murder and even attempted to kill Lex Luthor. Therefore, the title of vigilante suits Green Arrow better than a hero. Although he may have been the good guy, he used any means to achieve his goals.

Lana Lang

“I Finally Feel Like I’m Shedding That Fairy Princess Costume.”

Lana was Clark’s first love interest. She and he may have been good friends but initially could never develop their relationship further, for it would put Clark at risk of revealing his identity.

Her personality always differed from Clark’s. Portrayed as the girl next door, she wanted more from life than what Smallville had to offer. She didn’t wasn’t to be restricted by her past and what people expected of her. While Clark longed to be normal, she longed for a little adventure. As the show progressed, Lana and Clark eventually developed a relationship but due to Clark’s continuing battle with Lex, Lana was often caught in the middle. Her personality changed and she shed her princess image with it.

Lionel Luthor

“Your Secret Is Safe With Me… Kal-El.”

In the early seasons, Lionel was a power-hungry narcissist with the need to control everything. His influence led to the corruption of Lex. Despite his initial portrayal, he went through an amazing character arc that transformed him.

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Although his prior personality would resurface occasionally, Lionel appeared as a changed man, who was set on helping Clark. This change was acknowledged when Lionel became the vessel for Jor-El. When he found out about Clark’s secret, he vowed to keep it. Part of this may have been to help Clark, whom he treated as more of a son than Lex, but the real reason was to keep Martha Kent out of harm’s way.

Martha Kent

“I’m Not The Kind Of Person Who Turns Her Back On Her Friends Because Of What People Think.”

Lionel Luthor and Martha Kent in Smallville

Like other women in the series, Martha Kent was strong-willed and independent. Unlike the men in her family, she was logical and level-headed in times of emotional stress. She was a wonderful mom to Clark, and her teachings, along with Jonathan’s, made Clark the hero he was destined to be.

Her lessons are also something she lived by. She took pleasure in being helpful to others and cared little about what others thought. An example of this was taking Clark in as her son. Despite his origins, Martha only saw a child in need. Her unquestionable humanity formed her personality, a humanity that she saw in Clark and told him to embrace.

Jonathan Kent

“You Can Be The World’s Greatest Hero Or Its Most Mild-Mannered Citizen, But The Only Person Who Can Write Your Story Is You.”

Clark may not have had the best relationship with his biological father but had the greatest relationship with his adoptive one. Despite not being blood-related or even of the same species, there was no doubt that Jonathan thought of Clark as his real son. He taught him and reprimanded him all the same.

The advice he gave often gave his son was something he practiced himself. Jonathan didn’t live by following someone else’s path. He chose his own decisions and followed through with them, something he taught Clark.

Lois Lane

“It’s Not What I’m Called That Should Define Who I Am. It’s Who I Am That Should Define What I’m Called.”

Smallville Lois Lane

Strong-willed, intelligent, and a force to be reckoned with describe Lois Lane. Aside from being a reporter at the Daily Planet, Lois also donned the hero’s name, Stiletto.

She and Clark had similar beliefs concerning the truth and justice, which made them a great team and couple. Although their relationship did come with its own set of trials, Lois never let go of her love for Clark. Lois was headstrong and impulsive at times. Never letting labels define who she was, Lois led a successful career as a reporter. This quote expressed her personality perfectly.

Chloe Sullivan

“His Secrets, Privacy… My Pathological Inability To Curb My Curiosity.”

Chole was the brains behind Watchtower. But in earlier seasons, she was always up to mischievous deeds, trying to solve the mysteries surrounding Smallville and put herself in danger more than once.

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Her journalistic instinct transformed her moral beliefs. She’d use illegal means and cross ethical lines to obtain any information. Nothing seemed to be able to curb Chloe’s natural curiosity, which is why she was a good reporter. Even so, she let her curiosity control her actions to the point of even betraying Clark. Fortunately, they were able to repair their relationship and she became a great ally to him.

Lex Luthor

“I Am The Villain Of The Story.”

Lex Luthor from Smallville standing in a dark room in a black suit

There were many quotes Lex said in Smallville that summed up his personality but none better than admitting he was the villain. Lex became Superman’s most infamous villain amongst comic fans and Clarks in Smallville. In the beginning, he and Clark were friends, but Lex went to any length to keep Clark from finding out his true personality.

Lex was persistent and would do anything to obtain power. This insatiable hunger led to him and Clark’s differing views on the world. Eventually, it led him down a path of misguided actions and painful decisions, that isolated him from his only friend.

Clark Kent

“No Matter How Much Someone Has Hurt You Or Betrayed You Or How Much It Seems That Someone Is Evil, At Their Core, Everyone Is Worth Saving.”

Tom Welling as Clark Kent posing for a promo photo for Smallville

Clark’s beliefs about justice and people were a prelude for how, Superman, came to be. Superman was not one to kill and saved anyone, good or evil.

But the origin of Clark’s morals came from the influence of his parents and his life on Earth. Although, his ability to find good in everyone comes with a fault. For several seasons he dismissed Lex’s questionable actions. Throughout the series, as Clark fights villains, he tried to save them despite their death meaning that others may live. Sometimes this admirable quality of his led to the revival of some of these villains. Regardless of whether this ideology was suitable for the greater good or not, it’s what fans remember most about Clark Kent.

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