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RHOSLC: Whitney Blasted For Questioning Meredith

Whitney Rose is under fire for being the one to confront Meredith Marks about her father’s death on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Whitney Rose is under fire for being the one to confront Meredith Marks about her father’s death on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. In the latest episode, Meredith was rightfully frustrated with the ladies for questioning the validity of a memorial she held in wake of her father’s passing. But when sitting down with her friend Mary Cosby, Whitney decided to confront Meredith and question her about her father’s memorial. The cringeworthy moment rubbed fans the wrong way and they’re letting Whitney have it.

In season 1, Whitney followed her father’s sobriety journey as part of her debut storyline. Given the sensitivity of the subject, Whitney gained sympathy from viewers and support as one of the likable housewives on the new franchise. But with Whitney and her father falling out after the first season, Whitney returned to the show seemingly looking to keep her name alive on the show. With not much going on in her personal life, Whitney has resorted to involving herself in everyone else’s drama. Viewers have been accusing her of self-producing storylines to secure her spot on the show.


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Whitney’s latest encounter with Meredith didn’t change the viewer’s perception of her. During the latest episode, the cast questioned whether or not Meredith really held a memorial for her father. In a preview of next week’s episode shared by Reddit user u/Antwerp666, Whitney is seen confronting Meredith about the memorial and telling her why some are skeptical about her claims. While Whitney was only being the one brave enough to say what others are thinking to Meredith’s face, viewers still viewed it as a desperate attempt for screen time. “I audibly gasped when Whitney asked Meredith if she should have hired a private investigator,” one Redditor said in reference to Whitney’s low blow during the encounter. “She looked scared after she said it. I hope to God she realized how insensitive that was,” added someone else.”

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Last February, Meredith revealed that her father passed away from Alzheimer’s. Meredith had been silent about the death on the show but when she missed the sprinter ride where Jen Shah ended up getting arrested, the cast questioned if Meredith made up the memorial claims to try and seemingly set Jen up. The salacious claims enraged Meredith as she felt attacked by the housewives instead of empathy for her loss. However, Whitney chose to speak up, like she has done with others in the past, in a situation that has nothing to do with her. Whitney went on to make a shady remark telling Meredith she was fortunate to know where her father was. It was a disgustingly low blow that referenced the death of Meredith’s dad and Whitney’s father relapsing and going ghost.

The encounter between Whitney and Meredith changed the viewer’s opinion of Whitney. “Whitney… talk about a call from Grace. This is disgusting,” one Redditor said. “Imagine going so hard after a friend literally DAYS after their father died! Whitney is kinda really mean for pushing this so hard.” If Whitney is paying attention to what fans are saying about her, she should consider some redemption work in season 3. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has already lost one cast member and could see two more go. Whitney might want to work on making more friends on the show than enemies to try and restore her image.

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Source: u/Antwerp666/Reddit

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