Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Top Gun: Maverick’s Tom Cruise Shared New Footage With A Great NFL Tie-In

The Super Bowl is an event on par with the release of a blockbuster movie. Even if you’re not specifically a fan, it’s difficult to avoid the hype that surrounds it. Perhaps that’s why this past weekend’s AFC Championship game, which determined one of the teams that would play in that game, didn’t simply feel like a big movie trailer, it actually was one. CBS brought in Tom Cruise and scenes from this summer’s Top Gun: Maverick to get viewers pumped up.

Tom Cruise filmed a sequence to get the AFC Championship game off to an epic start and he brought some scenes from Top Gun: Maverick along with him, drawing parallels between the aviators who go above and beyond in the film, and the players that do the same thing on the football field. Cruise never mentions the movie by name, he doesn’t need to, Check it out. 

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