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When Egyptian Cat Ankha Will Come To Pocket Camp

Ankha is one of the most popular villagers in the Animal Crossing series, so it only makes sense that she may soon join Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp may be receiving a new character soon: the Egyptian cat villager Ankha. Ankha has long been a favorite in the Animal Crossing series because of her unique, historically influenced design. That she still has not made it to the phone game is a bit of an oddity, but early 2022 may finally be the time for her to join Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

The game just received the 5.0 update on 26 January 2022. The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update doubles the villagers players can have at a campsite, meaning those with the app can now host 16 instead of 8 villagers. With this upgrade, it only seems sensible that future updates will bring more popular villagers like Ankha into the game.


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The 5.0 update brought no new villagers into Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, so the game is overdue for characters fresh off their Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands. Currently, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has 286 of the 488 villagers available in the series. With the most recent addition of villagers to the app being on 28 October 2o21, introducing a few more to reduce Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ and Pocket Camp’s differences could be great for the app. Ankha looks to be a top priority for additional villagers – at least in the future.

Ankha Has Appeared In An Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Data Mine

Ankha from Animal Crossing New Horizons

Though the promise of bringing new villagers has not been made, at least datamining has promised that there are villagers on file that may join Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in future updates. A datamining excursion on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp‘s official Line account shows that 127 villagers are on file and prepared to join the app, although these villagers do not appear in any assets of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Ankha is one of four cats on this list, proving that there is at least some interest in putting the cat into the game.

Indeed, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is in need of a character like Ankha. While the app has been popular since it came out, Animal Crossing: New Horizons overshadows Pocket Camp in terms of relevance. The app’s initial success might have only been because it was released between a dry spell in the main series games. Additionally, a lot of downloads came the week New Horizons released, with Pocket Camp downloads doing 800% after the Switch title released (according to PocketGamer). Thus, without New Horizons, Pocket Camp may become irrelevant. And with no new updates coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons and no estimated dates for future games, the phone app needs think up ways to keep fans interested.

Ankha would serve as one temporary solution for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. As one of Animal Crossing‘s S tier villagers, many fans are undoubtebly waiting for the Egyptian cat to come to the game. Though Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp updates have been unpredictable so far, hopefully Nintendo can bring in Ankha and other new villagers soon.

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Source: PocketGamer

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