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Skyrim Mod Adds 19 New, Lore-Appropriate Shouts for the Dragonborn

A brand new Skyrim mod adds 19 new Shouts to the Dragonborn’s arsenal, all of which fit with the game’s lore and existing magic system.

A brand new Skyrim mod has added new Shouts for the player’s Dragonborn character that are consistent with the world and lore of the game. Despite Skyrim‘s advanced age as a game, mods like these continue to keep the game fresh and engaging for its players. This latest mod goes beyond changing the world or characters in Skyrim but instead enhances one of the core gameplay mechanics of the game.

Shouts are the magical abilities imbued into the Dragonborn by absorbing the soul of a slain dragon. Because dragons are usually the only ones who are able to master and use these Shouts (which are also called Thu’ums) at will, for a mortal to learn they must either master the dragon language over years of study or be a Dragonborn. The Dragonborn are those mortals who also possess the soul of a dragon, and therefore can learn to harness a dragon’s Thu’um by absorbing the knowledge of a slain dragon. Shouts are a powerful tool for Skyrim players who wish to gain the upper hand in battle against difficult enemies. Now, the Dragonborn player character will have even more weapons at their disposal thanks to a new mod.


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The mod, which is called ThoomLE (via The Gamer) adds 19 new Shouts to Skyrim, many of which are based on spells that currently exist in Skyrim. For instance, spells like Call Atronach and Risen Dead are more powerful versions of spells in Skyrim. However, new shouts from this mod like Resurrect Dragon, Soul Fog, and Devour Moonlight don’t appear to have a counterpart in the game. All of these Shouts have their own, custom animations and the mod is compatible with the Skyrim: Anniversary Edition.

Skyrim playable character dragonborn races

The magic system in Skyrim has been one of the best-realized in all of gaming, in large part because of Shouts. These high-impact spells don’t rely on the user’s Magika or expend soul gems for powerful items. However, these Shouts must be discovered in various hidden locations throughout Skyrim and then unlocked by defeating dragons and absorbing their soul.

While mods are a great means for fans to expand and improve on the Skyrim experience, players are already looking ahead to the future. The still-unannounced sequel to SkyrimElder Scrolls 6, is one of the most anticipated games. While Bethesda is currently hard at work on its next project, Starfield, the next installment in The Elder Scrolls is soon to come. Hopefully, the Skyrim sequel will expand on the Shout mechanic in a similar way that ThoomLE has.

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Sources: ThoomLE/NexusMods (via The Gamer)

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