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Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes Is Unique in the Multiverse, Marvel Confirms

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Avengers Forever, it’s revealed that Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider has a unique role in the multiverse.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Avengers Forever #2!

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Avengers Forever, it’s revealed that Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider is unique in the multiverse. While the Multiversal Masters of Evil are continuing to wreak havoc and conquer Earths one by one, Robbie is captured by the Black Skull, an even more evil variant of the Red Skull in possession of the Venom symbiote. However, the torture Robbie receives at the Skull’s hands in this new issue also reveals his position of significance in the multiverse, much to the curiosity of the Black Skull himself and his sinister ally, known as the Ghost Goblin.


In the first issue of Avengers Forever, Robbie Reyes and a Deathlok variant sent by the mysterious Avenger Prime were transported from the primary Earth-616 to Earth-818, a wasteland of a world ruled by the Black Skull. Despite not finding any Avengers to help him, Ghost Rider and Deathlok began fighting the Black Skull and his army of War Machines, resisting his power and attempting to free those being oppressed by the evil tyrant. However, Robbie and the Deathlok were ultimately captured.

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Now, Avengers Forever #2 – from Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Carlos Magno, Scott Hanna, Robert Poggi, and Cam Smith – sees the Black Skull brutally torturing Robbie for information, so much so that if Robbie were to revert back to his human form, he’d die. However, the Ghost Rider of Earth-616 has proved to be stronger and more resilient than Black Skull expected, indicating that he’s different than any other Rider in the multiverse he’s previously encountered. Ghost Goblin notes that in all his history of killing versions of the hero, he’s never encountered anything like Robbie’s four-wheeled Hellcharger, and is surprised that Earth-616’s main Rider isn’t a variant of the Blaze, Ketch, or Kale bloodlines, as is apparently common throughout the multiverse.


Interestingly, the decapitated heads of past Ghost Riders – which Ghost Goblin utilizes as devastating weapons – seem to know exactly who Robbie Reyes is, seeing as how they all refer to him as the “All-Rider”. However, Black Skull’s continued torture confirms just how unique Robbie is even among his own variants in the multiverse. After the Skull gathers the few Robbies he could even find in order to force them to kill each other in front of the primary Robbie, it’s revealed that none besides the 616’s Reyes ever became the Ghost Rider of their respective worlds. As such, it’s clear that Robbie is extremely special and that it’s likely tied to his new title as the “All-Rider”.

Seeing as how a variant of Tony Stark who’s also the Ant-Man of Earth-818 arrives to save Robbie and Deathlok, the Ghost Rider will likely get to live another day. However, it seems clear that their best chance for survival will be if Robbie can figure out how to evolve and learn what being the “All-Rider” actually means. The story has already revealed that Ghost Rider is an Omni-Avenger, and it seems fans will soon see exactly what that means as Robbie Reyes gets a chance to escape the Black Skull and hopefully fight back.

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