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Which God-Tier Villain Could Win a Comic Battle?

Thanos and Black Adam are prominent villains both with a long list of committed atrocities. If the two were to fight, who would win the battle?

Two of Marvel and DC‘s most god-tier villains are Thanos and Black Adam. In their respective universes, they have been thorns in the sides of the heroes for decades, singlehandedly threatening the world. Thanos revels in death and has committed genocide across the cosmos, while Black Adam has murdered and sought vengeance for his family. Both have godlike power and intellect, and if it came down to blows between the two, who would be the last one standing?

On several occasions, Thanos has wielded power that has threatened the very fabric of reality, but his most notable display of cruelty and callousness came in 1991’s Infinity Gauntlet, by Jim Starlin. The Mad Titan acquires the Infinity Stones and wipes out half of all life in the universe. Even without the boost of the Stones, Thanos has some incredible superpowers. Being half-Eternal and half-Deviant has given him super strength, endurance, and durability, as well as superior intellect. He is also capable of using the mystic arts, manipulating energy, and is immune to poison and disease. It usually takes the combined might of several of Marvel’s superhero teams to stand a chance against him, and even then, they are not always successful.


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On the other side, Black Adam is feared by the denizens of the DC universe. The wizard Shazam granted him powers long before he gave those same powers to Billy Batson. He is capable of flight, super speed, super strength, and powerful lightning strikes. Unlike Batson, Black Adam has used these powers to ruthlessly dictate, kill, or simply do whatever he wants. DC’s World War III event saw Black Adam slaughter men, women, and children across several nations, as well as taking down every hero who got in his way. His cruelty was at its peak when he killed the Teen Titan Terra. Shazam eventually stopped Black Adam’s murderous rage, but not without several casualties.

Black Adam Comic Art by Alex Ross

If Thanos and Black Adam fought, it would be a very close match. Both of them have the strength to throw powerful punches, and the ability to blast each other with magic or energy. Since their capabilities are nearly equal, one has to look at their comic book feats to figure out who would truly come out on top. They both have claimed an absurd number of lives and have battled the champions of their respective universes. One such character that can be used to determine the victor of this fight is Thor. When Thanos fought Thor (Thor #25, 2000), Thanos wiped the floor with him and was only beaten after Thor powered up with new weapons. In the 1996 crossover comics DC vs. Marvel, Thor beats Captain Marvel, who has beaten Black Adam several times.

If Thor can beat Black Adam’s greatest adversary, then logically he can beat Adam, too. Seeing as he would have lost against Thanos without the upgrade of his new weapons, it’s clear who the victor would be in a confrontation between the Mad Titan and Adam. A battle between the god-tier Thanos and Black Adam would be insane, but in the end, Thanos would walk away victorious.

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