Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Nic Cage Has The Most Nic Cage Declaration Ahead Of Playing Dracula In New Movie

At this point, Nicolas Cage is famous for being well… Nicolas Cage, and the metaverse that is the actor isn’t lost on him, either. While he has had his fair share of flops in the movie industry, they’ve just added to the mythos surrounding him, which makes any future releases that much more special. Now, with his upcoming turn as Dracula, the actor is apparently doubling down on his own brand, because he has a pretty Nic Cage declaration ahead of taking on the iconic character.

Nicolas Cage recently spoke about his pet crow, because why wouldn’t he own his very own black crow? He comments on enjoying gothic elements, in reference to his feathered friend. So it actually shouldn’t come as a surprise that during his interview with Variety, the Oscar winner made a very simple and on-brand declaration:

I am goth.

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