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Andrew Garfield Couldn’t Hide No Way Home Role From Lin-Manuel Miranda

While making tick, tick… BOOM!, Andrew Garfield hadn’t figured out how to lie about No Way Home, leading Lin-Manuel Miranda to figure out the truth.

Andrew Garfield might’ve fooled a good chunk of the world about his Spider-Man: No Way Home role, but he definitely didn’t convince Lin-Manuel Miranda. Just over one month ago, the biggest question in the world was whether previous Spider-Man actors Garfield and Tobey Maguire were in No Way Home. The Jon Watts-directed film has a multiversal premise that allows for performers across past Spider-Man franchises to appear in the MCU alongside current web-slinger Tom Holland. Those like Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx were loudly touted in promotional materials ahead of time, but Marvel and Sony worked to keep Garfield and Maguire’s involvements under wraps.


No one worked harder to preserve the secret than Garfield. As he promoted films like The Eyes of Tammy Faye and tick, tick… BOOM!, he was confronted with constant questions of whether he was in No Way Home. Garfield never broke, even when faced with leaks showing him on set. Of course, when No Way Home finally arrived in theaters in December, audiences were greeted with his triumphant return as Peter Parker, and since then, he’s finally been able to open up about being in the history-making film.

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Garfield did a good job keeping fans on their toes, but there was one person he could not fool: His tick, tick… BOOM! director Lin-Manuel Miranda. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Miranda recounted the moment he asked Garfield about whether he was in No Way Home and shared the star’s hilarious response. Evidently, Garfield hadn’t gotten his story straight at that point. Miranda said:

“So, the day it leaked he might be involved, he was on my set, we were still filming. And between shots, I kind of quietly went over to him and was like, ‘Andrew, are you in the new Spider-Man?’ And his exact reaction was, ‘What? Shut up! Shut up! Ha ha! Shut up!’ And I walked away thinking, ‘Oh, he’s in the new Spider-Man!’ And then when I saw him on your [Fallon] show, he was a total pro at denying it, but he had to get there.”

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

Garfield’s own Fallon interview took place after the first leaked images emerged; he famously insisted it was photoshopped, which led to several editors on the internet verifying whether such an image could’ve possibly been faked. In the lead-up to No Way Home‘s release, Garfield gave a wide variety of answers, but they all had one thing in common: No, he was not in No Way Home. Speaking after the film’s debut, he admitted he had a great time lying to everyone, and even feels it was the right move because of how it drummed up excitement.

Between No Way Home and tick, tick… BOOM!, Garfield is having a bit of a moment right now. The odds of him being nominated for an Oscar for the latter film are good, and his iteration of Spider-Man has received overwhelming support from fans online. It’s funny to hear how Garfield inadvertently let his No Way Home role slip to Miranda, but thankfully, Miranda knew better than to advertise what he knew to the world. Garfield said he only told his family beforehand, but evidently, he told one more. Sometimes, you can’t fool everyone.

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Source: The Tonight Show/Twitter

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