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Harley Quinn’s Unofficial Chaos Power Explains Everything About Her

During Harley’s time on the Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller brought attention to a theory regarding her consistent success, despite her lack of powers.

The unofficial ‘chaos power’ exhibited by Harley Quinn explains everything about her. During her time on the Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller brought attention to a theory regarding her consistent success on assigned missions, without implementing any strategic planning.

When Harley Quinn was involved with the Joker, her full potential as a villain wasn’t evident. Since she moved on from his partnership, she has gone onto join the Suicide Squad, showing she has what it takes to be an antihero. When she was strictly a villain, her actions appeared chaotic and effortless, but with her role on the team, she has dramatically evolved as a character.


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In the process, Amanda Waller has gained respect for Harley Quinn, since she has had a front row seat to her team of supervillains on the Suicide Squad. In the animated movie Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, Waller strangely admires her, saying, “Maybe I believe in luck too much. But somehow, that nutcase bumbling around indulging herself leads to success. My other theory is that she’s a mathematically perfect variable of chaos that destroys any plan it encounters.” Although Waller isn’t serious, she brings up a valid point that fans have brought up before. The Suicide Squad’s roster has an awkwardly wide range in the skills that villains bring to the table. In contrast to the alleged perfect hitman Deadshot and the monstrous King Shark, fans have commented on how Harley Quinn only carries a baseball bat. However, her insanity gives her a fearlessness and a chaotic energy which her teammates lack.

Amanda Waller’s theory goes beyond the animated film and brings attention to Harley’s habits in comics. Her dialogue makes it seem like Harley could be an ‘entropy generator,’ unknowingly causing havoc wherever she goes, while remaining unharmed. Almost like a cartoon character, Harley is unaffected by her surroundings, regardless of how dangerous they might be. It might not seem like she has much to offer the team of supervillains from the outside, but this could be the thing she has brought to the Suicide Squad since she first joined.

Although the Joker has been labeled as Batman’s polar opposite, Harley would be his true opposite, considering Waller’s theory as valid. As a member of the Justice League, fans have similarly pointed out how Batman lacks the powers needed to take on an alien invasion and save the world. However, the Dark Knight has relied on strategy and refining his physical potential to make up for the difference. As theorized by Waller, Harley Quinn hasn’t needed to train to earn her spot on her team of supervillains because she inherently causes disaster without any price to herself.

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