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Vin Diesel Drives a DeLorean in Fast & Furious/Back to the Future Mashup

Instagram artist Bosslogic creates a mashup piece imagining Dom Toretto from Fast and Furious driving the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

An Instagram artist has created a mashup piece combining Back to the Future and Fast and Furious that sees Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto driving BttF‘s iconic DeLorean/time machine. Of the two franchises, Back to the Future might be lag behind in terms of box office gross and number of sequels, but it remains one of the most iconic properties of the 1980s. The trilogy, which ran from 1985 to 1990, starred Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox as a mad scientist and his teen companion who go on a variety of adventures through time using a high-tech DeLorean that needs to travel at 88 miles per hour to enter the time stream.


Fast and Furious is a more grounded franchise, though not by much. Although there are no fantasy/sci-fi elements at the core of the series, the crew at the center of the films, led by Diesel’s stalwart Toretto, push their souped-up cars beyond the limits of reality in a variety of death-defying stunts throughout the course of the franchise’s current roster of 9 films and 1 spinoff. The series’ constantly escalating and more outrageous sequels have brought the Fast and Furious cars and their drivers onto planes, off the edge of cliffs, and even into space.

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On Instagram, artist Bosslogic posted an art piece imagining a crossover between these two epic cinema franchises. It was a natural fit for Dom Toretto to slide behind the wheel of the DeLorean, which is exactly what this work imagines, replete with colorful blinking lights and one of Marty McFly’s comic books. The accompanying caption pokes fun at Dom’s obsession with “family” while also adding a third franchise into the mix by imagining Dom meeting The Flash during the popular DC time travel storyline “The Flashpoint Paradox.” Check out the full post below:

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It’s not entirely outside of the realm of possibility that the Fast and Furious franchise would incorporate time travel if it’s allowed to continue past F10 and F11, which are meant to end the series. There have already been some wild projects pitched for future films, including a musical adaptation and a crossover with the Jurassic World films. Of course, none of these have come to fruition – yet – but if any of them does, it would certainly pave the way for more audacious experimentation.

Back to the Future and Fast and Furious are both owned by Universal, so they do also have the rights to make this happen legally. While it would be extremely unlikely for such a project to actually get off the ground, if there is enough fan demand, anything can happen. The success of films like Ready Player One and Space Jam: A New Legacy have certainly proved that audiences are ready for wild and unexpected collisions of established IP projects.

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Source: Bosslogic/Instagram

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