Monday, October 3, 2022

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Chris Hemsworth Shares Shirtless Photo Of Himself Lifting Weights, And Holy Arms

The superhero genre is, of course, full of buff dudes who spend a ton of time in the gym. Chris Hemsworth has taken his role of God of Thunder super seriously, as he has pretty much become the embodiment of Thor over the years. In a new workout photo, Hemsworth’s arms look like they could rip the skies wide open, if only he had his hammer instead of the tons of weight he is surely pumping.

Chris Hemsworth is pretty much known at this point for his huge muscles and has even made being fit a part of family bonding at times. In a new Instagram photo, we can see pretty much all of his massive arm and neck muscles working, and honestly, it’s pretty intimidating. You can check the post out for yourself below:

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