Thursday, October 6, 2022

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James Bond’s No Time To Die Fate Was Always Sealed, But Daniel Craig And Cary Joji Fukunaga Talk Other Ways It Could Have Happened

How do you solve a problem like killing James Bond? Many villains have tried, and ultimately only one seems to have done the job correctly, causing his 25th adventure, No Time To Die, to be the only film so far that’s actually extinguished 007. When you have a twist like that in the works, how do you sell it so that it feels appropriate? Co-writer/director Cary Joji Fukunaga, as well as producer/star Daniel Craig, recently talked the other ways it could have happened, and it only further highlights how the ending we got turned out to be the best possible outcome.

How James Bond Could Have Died In No Time To Die

As part of a longer Q&A that will be released by Variety later this week, Cary Fukunaga and Daniel Craig were part of the panel on hand to really dig into the latest Bond film, which also happened to be Mr. Craig’s final ride in the tuxedo. After Craig divulged the story of how he asked producer Barbara Broccoli if he could kill 007 off in his final installment as early as the Berlin premiere of Casino Royale, the question of whether the Commander’s death was “baked into” the framework before Mr. Fukunaga was hired as a co-writer/director was asked. His response to that portion of the subject was as follows:

There was a few things that Barbara and Michael and Daniel had earmarked. This was definitely one of them. How he meets his end wasn’t decided yet. It was just the fact that he would, so the question then became how to do it.

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