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Where to Find the Banded Gila Monster in Red Dead Online

In Red Dead Online, players can hunt colorful Banded Gila Monsters scattered around New Austin’s Cholla Springs and Rio Bravo territories at night.

Banded Gila Monsters in Red Dead Online are non-aggressive, brightly colored venomous lizards players may want to find to complete Daily Challenges and craft exclusive items. While the reptiles are located exclusively in New Austin, they are surprisingly fast when they scurry around, and they can be hard to spot against the desert terrain. Additionally, the Banded Gila Monsters are nocturnal, so players will have better luck finding them at night.

Players will need a Perfect Gila Monster Skin to craft along with a Legendary Panther Pelt in Red Dead Online to create the Legendary Panther Range Gloves in the Death Roll Garment at the Trapper. Additionally, players will also be able to craft the Gila Monster Gambler’s Hat. To find the Perfect Gila Monster Skin, players need to find a Perfect Gila Monster and hunt it without destroying its hide. The best way to get a clean shot is to kill the Gila Monster lizard with a single headshot, which will leave the colorful scales unharmed.


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Players seeking the Banded Gila Monsters to complete their Daily Challenges will want to hunt the reptiles using a Varmint Rifle, a weapon in Red Dead Online. This weapon will ensure the reptile’s scales remain intact for players to collect. Additionally, Cholla Springs and Rio Bravo territories are locations where Banded Gila Monsters frequently roam. Within Cholla Springs, players may want to search for the lizards in Hamlin’s Passing, North of Ridgewood Farm in the Northwest region of Cholla Springs.

Every Banded Gila Monster Location in Red Dead Online

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Another popular location for Banded Gila Monsters to roam is around the road sections between Ridgewood Farm and Odd Fellow’s Rest. The Northernmost point and Eastern edge of Jordan’s Gap may also be home to the Banded Gila Monster reptiles. Additionally, a spotty trail of local habitats for the desert animals in Red Dead Online can be found East toward the town of Armadillo. Once in Armadillo, players can follow the Northern road that leads up past the Twin Rocks, and there they may find several more Gila Monsters to hunt.

Furthermore, players may be able to find Banded Gila Monsters all around Mercer Station and Lake Don Julio’s Northwestern shores. From there, players can explore the region further Southwest along the Rio Bravo border for possible lizards. Additionally, the shore of Saint Luis River, across the border into Rio Bravo nearly reaching Plainview, is often crawling with Banded Gila Monsters. Also, along the Saint Luis River, players may find the reptiles in the small creeks that branch off of the river. Finally, players may spot the occasional lizard in the land between Fort Mercer and Benedict Pass.

Additionally, to unlock achievements in Red Dead Online, players will need to study and skin a Banded Gila Monster to earn the Zoologist and Skin Deep achievements/trophies. Furthermore, in addition to the Gila Monster Skin, players will also receive edible Herptile Meat when they successfully kill a Banded Gila Monster. The meat can be used in cooking, crafting, or sold for a profit.

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Red Dead Online is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.


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