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Danielle Reyes Claims She Won’t Watch CBB3

Big Brother legend Danielle Reyes announces that she won’t be watching Celebrity Big Brother season 3 and explains why she’s tuning out of the show.

One of the most legendary players of all time, Big Brother 3 runner-up Danielle Reyes, has declared that she won’t be watching or commenting on Celebrity Big Brother 3 this year. Viewers fell in love with Dani Reyes on BB3 for her strategic gameplay, unfiltered Diary Room sessions, and huge charisma as a reality TV star. Many fans and former players consider Dani to be the real winner of season 3, which prompted her to come back to compete on Big Brother 7: All-Stars.

Dani Reyes came into the All-Stars season with one of the biggest targets on her back due to how well she did in her original season, which caused her to sit on the block in week one. Alas, Dani’s fantastic strategic mind got her out of danger. Dani managed to get to the final six but was evicted in lieu of Chicken George given that he didn’t represent a real threat to the remaining finalists. Over the years, Dani has been an active Big Brother alum who always commented on ongoing seasons and shared her two cents about the game.


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On Thursday, January 27, Dani Reyes took to Twitter to share a very unexpected statement. “I just want to be clear that I’m not watching Celebrity Big Brother,” the reality TV legend wrote. Dani then remarked on how dedicated she’s been to the Big Brother community and how she currently feels about sharing her opinions about the show for free on social media. “I have given so much time to BB. I don’t have the time to provide any insight on the show… especially for FREE! Nope. Have fun watching.” Though it isn’t entirely clear if something happened, it seems like Dani is officially leaving her Big Brother days in the past from here on out.

For context, Dani became more outspoken against the show after all the racial issues that plagued Big Brother 21. The following year, however, Dani went all-in on covering Big Brother 22: All-Stars given that she knew many houseguests in the season and had competed in the first All-Stars edition of the series as well. At the time, Dani even started a podcast with her Big Brother BFF Jason Guy called The Secret Alliance. Dani eventually got too busy to co-host the podcast with Jason on a regular basis, so Rachel Reilly took over as Jason’s co-host.

With the great performance of the historic Cookout alliance on Big Brother 23, Dani’s interest in the show returned for some time. However, Dani seems to have been over the series for quite some time now, so this latest announcement about Celebrity Big Brother 3 could mean that she’s officially over it. Longtime viewers will certainly miss Dani’s hot takes on a current season, but if she’s done with the franchise, fans should respect her choice to bow out.

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Source: Danielle Reyes/Twitter

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