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Robert Pattinson’s Batman Broods in Atmospheric Nightwing Cover Art

A variant cover for Nightwing #90 features gorgeous art by Riccardo Federici that pays tribute to the upcoming Robert Pattinson film, The Batman.

As part of a series of tribute covers, Nightwing #90 will have a variant inspired by the upcoming film The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader. The issue itself is the beginning of a two-part story featuring a new Nightwing and Wally West team-up, but the cover in question features neither of those characters, instead focusing on the interpretation of Batman and the Riddler featured in the Pattinson film.

DC Comics has announced several comic book series that will feature variants promoting The Batman film. Since the movie will finally be releasing in March 2022, DC will publish its corresponding tribute covers throughout that month. Special variants will be released for Batman #121 (art by Lee Bermejo), Batman: Killing Time #1 (art by Carlos D’Anda), Detective Comics #1056 (art by Puppeteer Lee), Batgirls #4 (art by Jonboy Meyers), Justice League #74 (art by Ben Oliver), Nightwing #90 (art by Riccardo Federici), Batman: The Knight #3 (art by Rafael Albuquerque), Catwoman #41 (art by Jenny Frison), and Harley Quinn #13 (art by Simone Bianchi).


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There have been a number of wonderful variants for the Nightwing series featuring the likes of a ripped Dick Grayson cuddling his dog Haley as well as the two wearing matching masks. However, the Nightwing #90 variant paying tribute to The Batman film has a very different feel. The cover is a bit odd considering it features Pattinson’s Batman and his suave Batmobile as well as Paul Dano’s Riddler, especially since neither of their comic book counterparts appear to be in the actual issue. It could have been interesting to see versions of characters like Nightwing and Wally West interpreted within the context of The Batman film displayed on this cover instead, but either way, the cover art itself is beautiful. It is illustrated by Italian artist Federici, whose talented art has graced the pages of DC’s Black Label mini-series The Last God as well as series like AquamanBatman, and The Joker.

Nightwing #90 Federici Cover

Written by one of the best writers for new readers delving into DC and Marvel, Tom Taylor (Injustice), with interior art by Geraldo Borges (Angel Season 11), Nightwing #90 features Nightwing calling on his Teen Titans friend for help, starting with Wally West, better known as his alter-ego the Flash. Available in comic book stores on March 15, 2022, in addition to the gorgeous Federici cover, there will be three other covers on sale.

The main cover features both Nightwing and the Flash as depicted by Injustice artist Bruno Redondo. The other variants include a rain-soaked Dick Grayson by Mighty Morphin Power Rangers artist Jamal Campbell as well as an incentive cover featuring Nightwing and his dog by Blue Beetle artist Cully Hamner. With such a talented creative team and so many covers to choose from, Nightwing #90 is sure to be almost as anticipated as The Batman.

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