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Genshin Impact: Is Ganyu or Zhongli Better

Version 2.4 of Genshin Impact brings the return of two powerful characters with the new Wish system that allows for two Character Banners to run concurrently. These characters are 5-Star Geo Polearm-user Zhongli and 5-Star Cryo Bow-user Ganyu. As both characters are considered to be some of the strongest in the game, players may find it difficult to choose who to pull for before the Banners end.

When choosing a character to pull in Genshin Impact, there are some factors to consider. Some players may want to pull based on character aesthetic, skills, or team contribution. Players also need to consider the materials needed in order to build the character to their max potential and if the character’s level of resource investment is something they are able to provide.


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Genshin Impact’s Geo Archon Zhongli was first introduced in “Chapter I: Act II – Farewell, the Archaic Lord.” After giving up his Gnosis to the Eighth Harbinger, La Signora, Zhongli retires as the Geo Archon and begins to live life as a human, albeit still an Adeptus. Ganyu is a half-qilin Adeptus who currently serves as the Liyue Qixing’s secretary. She also appears in “Farewell, the Archaic Lord” to invite the traveler to Ningguang’s Jade Chamber.

Genshin Impact Banners: Pros & Cons For Pulling For Zhongli

As an ex-Archon, Geo-user Zhongli is a powerful character. He received a buff in Version 1.3, which increased his overall functionality as both a shield character and a Burst Support. Zhongli is arguably one of the best shield characters in the game, giving players the confidence to withstand even the hardest hitting attacks from enemies.

Zhongli is a highly flexible character that can aid many team compositions in Genshin Impact. His Elemental Skill – Dominus Lapidis – creates a Stone Stele that deals AoE Geo DMG on press. On hold, the Stone Stele also creates a shield of jade that absorbs DMG based on Zhongli’s Max HP. Zhongli’s Elemental Burst – Planet Befall – summons a giant meteor from the sky to deal massive Geo DMG to the opponents within its AoE. This Burst also applies the Petrification status to enemies, which prevents them from moving.

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Players who have trouble dodging attacks or keeping their characters alive will greatly benefit from Zhongli and his shielding capabilities. Zhongli can also benefit teams who contain characters such as Polearm-users Xiao and Hu Tao in Genshin Impact, whose Elemental skills drain HP. With the help of Zhongli’s shield, these characters can stay protected and alive while taking out enemies.

As a Burst Support, Zhongli performs very well. His Elemental Burst at Level 10 deals about 900% DMG, which is among the highest of the Elemental Bursts in Genshin Impact. Players can swap to Zhongli for his Burst – which will petrify enemies and renew the player’s jade shield – before easily swapping back to their main DPS to continue attacking. Additionally, Zhongli does not require as much as investment as other DPS characters. With either a 4-piece set of Tenacity of the Millelith or Noblesse Oblige, Zhongli is ready to be placed into any team that the player needs.

Genshin Impact: Should You Pull For Ganyu On Her Banner Rerun

Genshin Impact Ganyu is a Cryo Freeze Melt DPS

Cryo-user Ganyu is arguably one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Her Elemental Skill – Trail of the Qilin – creates an Ice Lotus that attracts surrounding opponents before dealing AoE Cryo DMG. Ganyu’s Elemental Burst – Celestial Shower – creates a Sacred Cryo Pearl that rains down ice shards within an AoE and deals Cryo DMG. Ganyu’s main usage is through her Charged Attack, as its Charge Level 1 fires an icy arrow while Charge Level 2 creates a second Cryo attack that blooms and deals AoE Cryo DMG.

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An important factor to consider is that Ganyu has two main playstyles: Freeze and Melt. In a Freeze composition, Ganyu works best with a 4-piece set of Wanderer’s Troupe, which gives additional Elemental Mastery and increased Charged Attack DMG. In a Melt composition, Ganyu works best with a 4-piece set of Blizzard Strayer, which gives a Cryo DMG Bonus and a large CRIT Rate increase. To maximize Ganyu’s flexibility, players may need to farm these two, 4-piece sets from Genshin Impact’s Artifact Domains. A single 4-piece set is already difficult to farm for, so it may take players many tries to secure decent Artifact pieces for both Freeze and Melt Ganyu.

Another thing to consider is that Ganyu requires plenty of investment in her support team in order for her to perform at optimal level. For example, in a Freeze team composition, Ganyu will need a Hydro unit that can inflict enemies with the Wet status consistently and frequently, such as Hydro Catalyst-user Mona or Kokomi. In a Melt team composition, Ganyu will need a character such as Xiangling or Bennett who can inflict enemies with Pyro to melt her Cryo attacks. In both team compositions, Ganyu will need a shield character such as 4-Star Cryo Bow-user Diona or Zhongli in order to keep her powerful Charged Attacks free from interruption.

Ganyu’s best weapon is the 5-star Amos Bow, although she can do well with the 4-star Bow, Prototype Crescent. This can be considered a downfall since 5-star weapons are difficult to obtain unless players have the proper amount of Wishes saved specifically for the Weapon Banner. The Prototype Crescent is much more obtainable, although it requires a Bow Billet in order to craft. New players may not immediately have the needed Billets to craft the Prototype Crescent to its highest Refinement level. These are difficult to obtain as they are given based on RNG from Genshin Impact’s Weekly Bosses, so players may be left waiting for weeks on end for the proper Billet.

Genshin Impact: Who To Pull For On The 2.4 Character Banners

Genshin Impact players who need a versatile shield or Sub-DPS character with moderate funding should pull for Zhongli. Zhongli can be utilized in a multitude of teams, such as mono-Geo teams of Itto, Gorou, and Albedo, or teams with powerful DPS characters that may need shielding in order to maximize their DMG output, such as Xiao and Hu Tao. Zhongli can also benefit players who enjoy exploring for materials or chests, as Zhongli’s shield can withstand an incredible amount of DMG from enemies before shattering. Even then, the cool-down for his shield is low enough that players will be able to recast the shield almost immediately after breaking.

Players who have no issues with high levels of investment should pull for Ganyu – who is one of the best Cryo characters in Genshin Impact – as she requires plenty of support characters to maximize her potential. Players should have at least one shield character, such as Diona or Zhongli, in order to keep her Charged Attacks safe from interruption. Ganyu performs well in teams with Hydro and Pyro, so players should have support characters built in order to maximize Ganyu’s DMG and functionality. With the proper support, Ganyu has the potential to be a player’s greatest DPS character.

The decision to pull for Zhongli or Ganyu is highly dependent on the player’s individual needs and resources. Personal preferences and playstyles are also factors. Zhongli and Ganyu are both very useful characters who play different roles in a team, and they perform each role incredibly well. Version 2.4 of Genshin Impact allows players to bring one – if not both – of these powerful characters home to support the player’s journey in exploring Teyvat.

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