Monday, September 26, 2022

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People Are Fancasting The Rock Over Another WWE Great In A Gears Of War Movie, And I Don’t Even Know What We’re Doing Here

It seems movies based on video games are still incredibly hot despite the fact that most would agree that we haven’t had a truly great one quite yet. There have been some good ones, but there has yet to be a movie that’s done for video games what X-Men and Spider-Man did for comic books. Dwayne Johnson, the biggest movie star in the world, has tried a couple of times to make a blockbuster video game movie, and he’s apparently going to try again, and somehow there are people who are hoping The Rock makes a Gears of War movie despite the fact that Dave Bautista is standing right there. 

Recently  it was revealed a movie based on a popular video game franchise is one of the film’s Dwayne Johnson has coming up. The game is one that he is personally a fan of, though he did not reveal what that franchise was. This has, of course, led to a lot of speculation from fans about what the movie/game is, and one of the names being thrown out by fans is Gears of War

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