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Is Wordle On Facebook? How To Play It Now

With Wordle graphs all over Facebook some users may think that they can play it on the social media site. However, that’s not the case.

Facebook users may be seeing a lot of their friends post Wordle results on their newsfeed. Wordle is a new word game that’s taken the internet by storm—every day a new five-letter word must be guessed in six tries or less. Every letter is represented by a block, and after every guess attempt, the color of the blocks will change to any of three possible hues to alert the player of how close they are to guessing the word. Green means a letter is in the correct spot, yellow means the letter is in the word but is in the wrong spot and must be relocated, and gray means it’s not in the word at all. It’s an addicting word game that challenges a person’s vocabulary as well as their deduction skills.


Players who’ve successfully guessed the word within six tries have earned bragging rights and then typically share their results of the day on social media. These results appear in an unlabeled graphic of the Wordle block grid, with only the colors on the boxes indicating their letter guesses. Since there’s only one possible five-letter word each day, the word guesses do not appear in the graphic so as to not give away the final answer.

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These Wordle game results have been popping up on various social media platforms like Facebook, and some users may even think that the game is available to play within Facebook. Additionally, there are now many copycat apps popping up in the iOS App Store and on Google Play hoping to piggyback on Wordle’s success. People who are late to this word puzzle phenomenon have probably downloaded one of these fake apps, thinking it’s the one their friends are playing and are talking about. In reality, there’s only one place to play the official game online and it’s not Facebook.

Where To Play The Official Wordle Guessing Game

Wordle Daily Games You Can Play After Today's Word

Wordle is actually the brainchild of Josh Wardle, a New York-based engineer who apparently coined the name of the viral daily word guessing game on his own surname. The official version of Wordle is hosted on Wardle’s own website for free. Despite Wordle’s rapidly growing popularity, its creator says there are no plans to morph the game into an ad-riddled, money-making enterprise. In other words, the plan is to retain its free-to-play model that people know and love.

Apart from the game’s simple-to-follow rules and the ability to play without having to sign up for an account or pay a premium, users who’ve made Wordle a part of their daily routines enjoy the feeling of being one of the millions of people who’ve conquered it each day. Of course, posting their Wordle graphs for all their friends to see on their social media feeds also has its merits. Acquaintances get to compare each other’s progress—the smaller the graph, the higher the person’s place on the imaginary Wordle leaderboard. Users also sometimes tend to share a short write-up underneath the Wordle graphic that indicates the complexity of the word and how hard they worked to get to the right answer. Those who see these comments can try to glean clues and pick a great word to start with.

At the end of the day, Wordle is truly an excellent game to play and its ability to exercise the brain makes it an awesome addition to a user’s daily rituals. The quick and easy way Wordle creates camaraderie among its players when they share on sites like Facebook or Twitter makes it worth keeping in an open tab on a person’s web browser.

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