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Harry Styles Really Didn’t Want to Be Left Out on Eternals Movie Set

Eternals star Lia McHugh talks about her on-set bond with Harry Styles, saying he went out of his way to interact with her and the rest of the cast.

Eternals star Lia McHugh says Harry Styles really didn’t want to be left out when he was on set. Styles was cast as Eros, the brother of Thanos and an Eternal from Marvel Comics, in secret, with the exciting MCU post-credits scene being excluded from test screenings so that audiences wouldn’t spoil it. However, the scene still managed to circulate on social media following the movie’s official premiere. Styles’ character plays an important role in the comics, and very well could in the MCU. His longtime companion, Pip the Troll (portrayed by Patton Oswalt in Eternals) is often by his side, creating an interesting dynamic between the two characters.


Additionally, Eternals’ post-credits scene was not the only one the actor shot for the film. Styles is known to have spent more time on set, shooting at least one other scene that ended up being cut from the film. The cast has said the scene also took place aboard the team’s ship, the Domo, but involved Eros communicating with the Celestial Arishem alongside the full team, suggesting it took place before their arrival on Earth.

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McHugh, who plays Sprite, reveals some additional details about Styles in a recent interview with Inverse. The actor speaks about being on set at the same time as Styles during the filming of his scenes, and rather than retreat into his trailer like some other actors McHugh had worked with, he was actively interacting with the other cast even when he wasn’t filming. Hugh described him as “really cool,” and said he “didn’t want to be left alone.” Check out the full quote here:

So I was shooting the first scene, he was shooting the last which ended up being cut. But we were on the soundstage, all of us together. Every time we were on break, we would talk. He was really cool. Some actors hide in their tents and want to be left alone, which is fine. You’re working, I get it. But he was like, “What’s up everyone? Let’s come in my tent.” He didn’t want to be left alone.


Though Styles’ role in the film was very small, he still went out of his way to interact with the cast and make his presence on the set known. This isn’t always common for actors with smaller roles; as McHugh says, they tend to isolate themselves to focus on their work. But Styles’ participation and dedication to his MCU role is impressive – as well as partially telling on the significance of his future role.

Starfox, as the brother of Thanos in the comics, was christened Eros (his original name was Eron) due to his penchant for sexuality and romantic love. Given the intense relationship his fans have with him, this is the perfect role for Styles. It is unlikely that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige would cast such a big star in a throwaway role, and if they follow the comic continuity, Eros could continue to impact not just the Eternals’ storyline, but the MCU at large.

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Source: Inverse

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