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Daniel Craig Did A Whole Interview With A Bloody Cut On His Head

James Bond franchise star Daniel Craig completed an interview with Javier Bardem without realizing he had blood on his head the entire time.

Actor Daniel Craig did an entire interview recently with a bloody cut on his head – without even realizing it. The James Bond star has only semi-recently completed his tenure as the world’s greatest super-spy in No Time to Die and has just finished up work on the follow-up to filmmaker Rian Johnson’s 2019 hit, Knives Out. While many past 007 actors have experienced declines in the roles they received post-Bond, Craig’s career continues to look as promising as ever, with commitments to three films and a TV series to date.

Often considered the best Bond to have ever taken on the famed role, Craig was responsible for bringing the character back from an era in which the name James Bond was often more likely to bring about eye rolls than looks of excitement. After decades of saving the world from diabolical plots formed by international super villains, the 007 franchise had become something of a cliché that was stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the changing times in any meaningful way. Arriving on the scene in 2006’s Casino Royale, the first change Craig brought to the role – having blonde hair – was immediately criticized by die-hard fans. But the film quickly proved him to be more than capable of handling the role, and his willingness to get his hands dirty in the process fuelled the franchise with a new degree of intensity. After five films as Bond, Craig’s willingness to put the role first at all costs is undeniable. The 53-year-old sustained numerous injuries throughout his 007 tenure, to the point where hearing that he was injured while filming a Bond film became a bit of a given.


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Recently, however, while recording an interview with Javier Bardem for Variety, Craig showed that he’s still as rough and tumble as ever – even when a Bond film isn’t involved. After spending the entire interview with what looked to be blood on his forehead, Bardem finally asked what had happened to him. Craig responds with genuine confusion before realizing that he’d cut his head just prior to the interview, joking, “No wonder I get fucking injured every time I do a movie.” Check out the full interview below:

As he explains to Bardem, the cause of this most recent on-the-job injury was a ring flash that was sent to him in order to do the interview. After setting it up, the lighting equipment fell on his head, cutting him. Unbeknownst to Craig, his head bled throughout the entire interview and only once Bardem questioned it did he actually notice. His quip upon finding out that he’d been bleeding the entire time was perfect for the occasion, referencing his persistent habit of on-the-job misfortunes. Fortunately, Craig wasn’t seriously injured in the mishap and his willingness to laugh at himself will likely further endear him to fans.

Of course, seeing Daniel Craig hurt himself under such benign circumstances might cause some to consider that maybe it was actually clumsiness that led to so many injuries on the sets of Bond films. While this theory is a humorous one, it’s certainly not credible, as one look at the high intensity of the stunts and general action in any of Craig’s Bond films makes it clear that getting injured could very easily happen. It still remains to be seen who the next actor to take on the 007 role will be, but whoever it is will indeed have some big shoes to fill.

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Source: Variety

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