Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Josh Gad Wants Disney World’s Epcot To Add A New Country, And His Idea Sounds Solid

While Epcot is currently undergoing a massive update that will change a huge part of the park, all that work is currently going on in the front half, Future World. The World Showcase, following the recent addition of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, is being left  otherwise untouched, despite the fact that there has been unused space to add nation pavilions since the park’s creation. But Josh Gad and his family, recent Disney World guests, have a pretty excellent idea of what to do with some of that space, a Colombia pavilion that includes a ride through attraction based on Encanto.

According to Twitter, Josh Gad’s family has been mildly obsessed with Encanto since it dropped on Disney+ on Christmas Eve. According to social media, his family isn’t the only one. But Gad and co. want more Encanto in their lives, and for them that means a full Colombia area of Epcot and an Encanto attraction. And honestly, I’m here for it. 

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