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Love and Thunder Plot Details

Tessa Thompson has teased the exploration of Valkyrie’s sexuality in Thor: Love and Thunder more than in any previous movie.

Valkyrie's Bisexuality Is Never Mentioned in Thor: Ragnarok

Tessa Thompson will be making her third MCU appearance as Valkyrie in Thor: Love and Thunder, and while she has not been able to give away any specific plot points of the fourth outing for Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder, the actress has been discussing how this time around she has been able to explore Valkyrie’s sexuality in a way that she couldn’t previously. While the character’s queer status is something that has been indirectly noted, in the new movie there will be a more direct display of Valkyrie’s status, and that is something that Thompson has been more than happy to delve into.

Speaking to The Wrap, Thompson explained, “It’s totally exciting. We talk so much about representation and obviously, in terms of the LGBTQIA community, there’s still so much work to be done. But if you look at the comics in the canon, there are so many queer characters! It’s hard because Taika [Waititi] and I would’ve even liked to go further, but in the context of the movies, there’s only so much we can do. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of time invested in love stories in Marvel movies in general. I think that will be a little different on the new “Thor,” which is exciting. And getting to play a character that historically is not written for somebody that looks like me, all of that felt exciting.”


While Phase Four has been making big steps when it comes to representation, there is always a fine line between making the MCU an inclusive place and forcing stories in a direction that smacks of artifice without any thought for the calls of woke that it is going to stir up. With Thompson noting how the context of the movies only leaves so much room for romantic development, it is a sign that Waititi and his team have seemingly got the balance right in Thor: Love and Thunder, developing Valkyrie’s character where it fits with the overall story.

Thor: Love And Thunder Will Be The Biggest and Loudest Thor Movie To Date.

Natalie Portman Is Mighty Thor in Retro Love and Thunder Fan-Made Poster

There is a lot of speculation about what will transpire in the upcoming Thor movie and where it will leave one of the original Avengers in the process. The last time we saw Thor, he had given Valkyrie the position of ruler of New Asgard and had taken flight with the Guardians of The Galaxy. Waititi has already confirmed that we will be seeing “Fat Thor” again in the movie, as well as the more toned version that we were always used to seeing. It is likely that Thor will be helped back into shape by his new friends in what promises to be the biggest Thor movie yet.

Thor: Ragnarok changed the direction of Chris Hemsworth’s character after the less than thunderous reception of Thor: The Dark World. Bringing Waititi on board saw Thor paired up with Bruce Banner and the Hulk in a colorful, wacky buddy movie that became one of the most popular and critically praised movies in the entire franchise. Clearly, the director is hoping to keep the run going with a Guardians of the Galaxy buddy movie this time around. With Thor: Love and Thunder heading to theaters in July, there is still a little wait before we get to see the first footage from the movie arrive in the form of a trailer.

Thor: Love and Thunder Training Has Changed Natalie Portman: It's So Wild to Feel Strong
Thor: Love and Thunder Training Has Changed Natalie Portman: It’s So Wild to Feel Strong

Natalie Portman returns to the Thor franchise for the first time in eight years, but this time she is going to look a lot different.

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