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10 Most Ridiculous Joke Weapons In Gaming History

Joke weapons have become an integral part of the gaming community and there have been countless hilarious ones over the years. Some developers don’t hesitate to include over-the-top and ridiculous weapons in their games, with the most outrageous ones often standing out.

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From Dead Space’s Hand Cannon to Red Faction: Armageddon’s Mr. Toots, the most ridiculous joke weapons can often break a player’s immersion in the best way. They can serve as much-needed comic relief in otherwise serious action games or RPGs, or emphasize the wackiness of a comedic title’s world.


The Kitty Cannon – Sunset Overdrive (2014)

The Kitty Cannon in Sunset Overdrive.

The wacky world of Sunset Overdrive wouldn’t be complete without its hilarious weapons. Whether it’s the Hair Spray Bomb or the TnTeddy, players know they’re going to have a great time defeating the Overcharge Drinkers or Scabs all over the game with an array of wild guns and explosives.

The most outrageous weapon in the title is arguably the Kitty Cannon, though, as it’s pretty much unstoppable when combined with the robotic dog, Boo Boo. Apparently, the cannon has Boo Boo’s favorite cat toy, and together, they can explode unsuspecting enemies and leave a blue mushroom cloud in their wake.

The Groovitron – Ratchet & Clank (2016)

Ratchet using the Groovitron against a boss in Ratchet & Clank.

There are several ways to take down Dr. Nefarious and his goons in Ratchet & Clank, but who wouldn’t want to throw in a bit of dance along the way? The Groovitron is the perfect way to mesmerize crowds of enemies with the power of music.

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Players can throw the shiny silver ball up in the air and watch as even the biggest bosses become distracted by its groovy tunes. Meanwhile, Ratchet can go around and take down high-level foes and wait for other, smaller enemies to expire once the music stops.

Land Shark Gun – Armed And Dangerous (2003)

A player uses the Land Shark Gun in Armed and Dangerous.

The Land Shark Gun is the perfect example that shows why Armed and Dangerous is one of the funniest comedy video games of all time. It’s exactly what it sounds like, as it allows the Lionhearts to kill their enemies in a dramatic fashion.

The RPG-like weapon only has to be properly loaded and aimed at an enemy before players can unleash the wrath of the ocean on unsuspecting villains. A huge shark will jump from the ground and devour the target in just a few seconds, with its hilarious animation showing the enemy going into the animal’s mouth headfirst.

Well-Done Hammer – Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (2019)

The player character carrying the Well-Done Hammer in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a great expansion pack for a lot of reasons, what with its array of new monsters and exciting storylines. One of the best things about it that players won’t ever forget is its surprising joke weapon, the Well-Done Hammer.

The Master Rank hammer is quite literally, a well-done chicken leg, complete with a branded logo on the side. Although it may seem like it may be a sloppy weapon, it’s actually a strong hammer that players can unironically use to progress through a large portion of the game.

The Hand Cannon – Dead Space 2 (2011)

The player uses a foam finger to shoot

It’s not easy to complete the survival horror game Dead Space 2 on normal mode, and players know it’s extremely challenging to finish it on hard core mode. This is why it’s outrageous that fans receive the iconic Hand Cannon for all their efforts after completing the game on its highest difficulty level.

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The gut-busting weapon is a red foam sports glove that may look and sound ridiculous, but it’s actually a really strong tool with infinite ammo and high damage. Isaac will hilariously shout “bang, bang, bang” or “pew, pew, pew” whenever players use it and whoever it’s pointed towards will subsequently explode.

Cat Silencer – Postal 2 (2003)

A Cat Silencer in Postal 2.

Postal 2 is a controversial FPS that doesn’t shy away from making fun of its players, but it also jokes about innocent animals, too. The Postal Dude can choose to equip cats as silencers by connecting them to his shotgun or machine gun, after which the ammunition will come out of the cats’ mouths.

After nine shots, the cats will fall from the gun and can’t be used anymore, which is a witty reference to the common saying that cats have nine lives. While they don’t do a great job at actually muffling the sound of the weapon, they’re undeniably a funny joke weapon that fits perfectly in the game’s zany world.

The Cluckshot – Gears Of War 3 (2011)

The player shoots a chicken out of a gun

It’s pleasantly surprising to find one of the most bizarre weapons in a serious game like Gears of War 3. Players can choose to blaze through the Lambent using the appropriately named Cluckshot, a large grenade launcher that shoots out chickens.

The explosive chickens may not be the most accurate or fastest ammo to shoot with, but they definitely provide some unexpected comic relief during the title’s darker moments. It’s a joke weapon that has rightly become iconic in the fandom, as players will never forget the first chicken that comes flying out of the otherwise normal-looking launcher.

Bane – Borderlands 2 (2012)

The Bane in Borderlands.

If the vibrant and fast-paced world of Borderlands 2 is somehow getting a bit too dull for players, they can always count on the Bane to liven things up. The submachine gun looks inoffensive in any inventory, but is quickly revealed to be a joke weapon once players hear the sound effects that come with it.

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Every shot is accompanied by an obnoxious sound like a prolonged “yeah,” “boom,” or “ratatat.” The “yeah” sound is simply written in the subtitles as “annoying sound,” which is the most accurate description for how it’s said. Players can’t be blamed for laughing uncontrollably at the voice module, but they likely won’t find the fact that it reduces movement speed too amusing after a while.

The Dubstep Gun – Saints Row IV (2013)

The enemy dances as the player fires the dubstep gun

The Dubstep Gun is one of the most ridiculous weapons in the Saints Row franchise. It’s a fan-favorite gun from Saints Row IV, in large part due to its hilarious effect on crowds.

As one might expect, the weapon shoots out waves of electronic music on unsuspecting NPCs and enemies. The songs can change depending on the costume currently being used, which also changes the attack speed and damage of the weapon. It’s an over-the-top gun that uses the power of electronic music to stop antagonists, which is exactly something fans would expect from the wild world of the Saints.

Mr. Toots – Red Faction: Armageddon (2011)

The player uses a unicorn to blast the enemy with a rainbow

While the Red Faction franchise may have ended on a disappointing note with Armageddon, it left players with one of the best joke weapons of all time, Mr. Toots. The adorable unicorn shoots rainbow lasers, Nyan Cat-style, and annihilates enemies that are unfortunate enough to get in its way.

Perhaps the funniest aspect of the joke weapon isn’t the rainbow laser or how unbelievably strong it is, but Mr. Toots’ distressed expression every time he has to shout out the colorful beams. His screaming, agonized face is the cherry on top of an already hilarious gun that made the entire game worth playing one more time.

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