Thursday, September 29, 2022

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No Big Deal, Just Twilight’s Kristen Stewart And PLL’s Ashley Benson Hanging Out At Disneyland In Matching Sweatshirts

There’s something about your breakout role that always sticks with you. Kristen Stewart and Ashley Benson can relate to that. The former is in the mix to land an Oscar nomination thanks to her terrific performance in Spencer, and the latter’s career has included a bunch of creatively interesting and challenging roles, but their buzzy, extremely popular roles in Twilight and Pretty Little Liars remain the touchstone for many. 

Perhaps that’s why fans were so excited and had so many questions after Ashley Benson dropped a picture of the two on Instagram late last year. That excitement continued when Benson dropped another picture of the two on Instagram, this time with a group of friends in matching sweatshirts at The Happiest Place On Earth…

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