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These Are the Coolest Lightsabers of the Star Wars Franchise

The lightsaber is easily one of the most identifiable symbols to come out of Star Wars. Being a franchise with such a long history, most fans who grew up watching the movies remember playing with the toy sabers on holidays and birthday parties. Many fans went on to contribute to the ever-growing story, to write lore books, to build fan websites like Wookieepedia, and to add even more depth to the Star Wars Galaxy—especially in the area of lightsabers.

While it is common knowledge that the color of the lightsaber indicates good and evil—in the cases of Darth Vader’s red lightsaber and Luke Skywalker’s blue and green ones—there are also many styles of lightsaber, each holding significance, that aren’t as commonly recognized. To understand this, it’s important to first remember that the lightsaber draws its power from the kyber crystals. Young Jedi receive their crystals and fashion them into the beloved weapon, a weapon that responds to the wielder. In many cases, the weapon is symbolic of its user’s moral standing, and much of the Star Wars extended story is directly linked to the use of specific sabers. These lightsabers can have tragic backstories, bestow power onto the holder, indicate a role, or contain a function that aids in combat. Often, lightsabers that are just as corrupt or powerful as their wielder can make them all the more intimidating. Here are the coolest lightsabers of the Star Wars franchise.

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8 Mace Windu’s Purple Lightsaber

Samuel L. Jackson Tells Star Wars Boss to Bring Back Mace Windu
Lucasfilm / Disney

Mace Windu has been a fan-favorite since his first appearance in The Phantom Menace, wielding his iconic purple lightsaber. It is fairly common knowledge that his saber is the result of Samuel L. Jackson’s special request. This being the case, the Star Wars fandom went a step further to create an entire backstory to explain the color difference. According to Wookieepedia, Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber was actually the second one he built. The only Jedi that could wield sabers with an electrum finish were those on the high council, and the amethyst crystal is incredibly rare. Many speculate that the purple color hints at an ability to understand and harness dark-side knowledge without being corrupted.

7 Count Dooku’s Arched, Dual Phase Lightsaber

Dooku 1
Lucasfilm / Disney

A dual phase lightsaber is essentially a lightsaber that has two crystals; the wielder may switch between the two crystals in order to change the length of the blade. The most notifiable user of such a blade is Count Dooku, as seen in Attack of the Clones, who uses an arched, dual phase lightsaber. This saber in particular is recognized as a sith weapon because the shifting blade size is both seen as dishonest and has a unique ability to kill opponents. Darth Vader is rumored to have based his red lightsaber on Dooku’s.

6 Darth Maul’s Homemade Cane Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Star Wars Rebels Episode 3.2 Recap: Darth Maul Attacks
Lucasfilm / Disney

Darth Maul also used a double-bladed lightsaber; however, unlike Count Dooku’s, the two crystals on Maul’s saber were on either side of the hilt. This allowed both blades to be used simultaneously, in order to create a bigger weapon. In Star Wars: Rebels, and as an example of Sith dishonesty and trickery, Maul disguised himself as a feeble old man. Having fashioned a removable piece of wood over one side of the saber to make it appear as a walking stick, Maul tricked Ezra into trusting him all the while keeping his weapon concealed.

5 Asajj Ventress’s Curved-Hilt, Paired Lightsabers

Asajj Ventress
Lucasfilm / Disney

Similar to Maul’s weapon, Asajj Ventress—a character exclusive to The Clone Wars animated series—wielded a curved-hilt, paired lightsaber. Her lightsaber had the ability to separate into sabers during combat, giving her an added advantage fitting to a Sith apprentice. Given that she, like Maul, comes from the planet Dathomir and gained apprenticeship with Count Dooku, her lightsaber allows for her to act as a parallel character to Maul.

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4 The Inquisitors’ Double-Bladed, Rotating Lightsabers

Lucasfilm / Disney

The Inquisitors have been largely excluded from the movies and newer live action Disney+ shows, but they play a larger role in Star Wars: Rebels. They are a dark-side group of killers whose primary mission is to hunt down and destroy the jedi that survived order 66. The Inquisitor’s lightsabers are dual-bladed, have two crystals fastened in the same way as Mauls, and have the unique ability to spin. Given that the depicted Jedi had little training, these rotating lightsabers made the Inquisitors incredibly dangerous.

3 Ezra Bridger’s Lightsaber-Blaster Hybrid

Ezra Bridger
Lucasfilm / Disney

Ezra Bridger comes from Star Wars: Rebels, and he wields a lightsaber-blaster hybrid. This sets him apart from other jedi, in that he doesn’t have the life experience of being a part of the jedi order. Originally, he stole from people, using his force abilities to aid in his struggle for life. Most lightsabers are crafted with extensive training and understanding of the jedi’s responsibility. Ezra’s master, Kanan, was only a padawan during order 66 and never officially completed his training. In this way, Ezra’s lightsaber being a blaster-hybrid is indicative of Jedi culture evolving, not just to fit into commoner life, but also to help defend itself.

2 Ahsoka’s White Shoto Blades


Shoto blades are commonly associated with particularly fierce Jedi, and the beloved Ahsoka Tano popularized these for fans. Shoto blades are two separate lightsabers that are wielded together; additionally, one is shorter than the other. The Mandalorian fans will recognize the white blades, but these are actually her second pair in the franchise. According to Wookieepedia, she traded these out about a year after the end of the Clone Wars and purified them into the white color herself. Ahsoka’s white lightsabers indicated the completion of her moral transition to gray Jedi and her final rejection of the Jedi order.

1 The Mandalorian Darksaber


The darksaber is a black, glowing lightsaber, which grants leadership authority to whoever wields it. Its popularity has increased after its presence in The Mandalorian, but it has been a crucial symbol for the show since The Clone Wars. The darksaber has a long, bloody history—dating back to the early days of Mandalore—and it has had many masters of varying goals and moral alignments over the course of this history. Characteristic of the Mandalorians’ violent ways, the darksaber is passed from owner to owner solely through ritual combat that often ends in death.

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