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League of Legends Ruined King Viego Cosplay Is A Magical Recreation

An amazing League of Legends cosplay brings Viego The Ruined King to life, complete with the undead ruler’s glowing green crown and massive sword.

An extremely talented League of Legends fan has brought The Ruined King Viego to life with a flawless cosplay. Riot Games’ multiplayer online battle arena pits two teams of players against each other, with each user choosing from the title’s roster of over 150 playable Champions. League of Legends cosplay has become exceptionally popular since the MOBA’s 2009 launch, with its large line-up of heroes giving cosplayers a plethora of different designs and styles to emulate.

Added to League of Legends in January 2021, Ruined King Viego is a villainous figure responsible for spreading a deadly Black Mist across the world of Runeterra. The ruler of an ancient kingdom, Viego’s attempts to resurrect his wife triggered an apocalyptic Ruination event which also transformed him into an evil undead wraith. Viego’s in-game abilities focus on summoning and manipulating spectral wraiths of those he has killed, and he also uses powerful mist-based offensive magic. A spin-off game titled Ruined King: A League of Legends Story also served as a tie-in to League of Legends’ Ruined King lore, with the turn-based role-playing game demonstrating the spread of Viego’s Black Mist.


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Authentically bringing League of Legends’ Ruined King to life, Instagram user taryn_cosplay recently shared an amazing Viego cosplay created in 2021. The breathtaking recreation captures every detail of the ancient unliving ruler, including his glowing green crown and the triangular hole in his chest. Snow-white hair and colored contact lenses make taryn_cosplay the spitting image of Viego, and the Ruined King’s wardrobe is also expertly recreated. Massive metal gauntlets protect both arms, and even the ghastly Blade of the Ruined King has been brought to life in stunning detail. The talented cosplayer promises more projects in 2022, so fans should keep an eye out for more stunning surprises.

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League of Legends thrives on its enormous and ever-expanding roster of playable characters, with new additions like Viego breathing new life into the title. Just recently League of Legends revealed the Champion Zeri, a brand-new playable hero set to join the MOBA’s line-up. Known as The Spark of Zaun, Zeri’s biography seems to hint at a number of her potential special abilities. The electrical Zaunite warrior will apparently wield a unique rifle, which fires bullets based on her emotions, and enhanced speed also seems to be an important part of her skillset.

Through artistic tributes such as cosplay, League of Legends fans are able to pay tribute to the battle arena’s beloved cast of characters. The Ruined King Viego cosplay created by taryn_cosplay sees the undead ruler step right out of the game, with every detail perfectly captured in the real world. With this project, one of the MOBA’s most iconic and visually distinct Champions is immortalized by a fan’s skills and commitment.

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League of Legends is available on PC.

Source: taryn_cosplay/Instagram

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