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Real Housewives Who Didn’t Show At Reunion (& Why They Missed It)

The most anticipated part of a Real Housewives season is the reunions. Some housewives have chosen not to attend the events for different reasons.

The most anticipated part of a Real Housewives season is the reunions. When filming ends, the ladies get together to rehash their drama. The heated reunion show opens old wounds from the season. Sometimes, housewives have chosen not to attend the events for different reasons.

Host and producer Andy Cohen oversees the annual sit-downs for each Real Housewives franchise. At the reunion, the women are strategically seated on opposing couches to discuss the show’s storylines. The housewives always shock everyone with their best fashion. Glam teams also join the set to give the Bravo stars iconic looks that fans talk about afterward.


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Real Housewives reunion shows have created the most memorable moments. There were walk-offs, the showing of receipts, unexpected gifts, and controversial special guests. Not all housewives actually show up, knowing that their castmates will confront them about their bad behavior. Now, it’s time to look at the housewives who avoided the reunions, and why they missed them.

Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita on rhonj

Jacqueline Laurita decided to sit out the reunion show at the last minute during The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 3. She had an emotional breakdown from the “Strippergate” argument with Teresa Giudice while filming the season 4 finale the night before. Jacqueline was in shock about the drama that went down and couldn’t bear to go through more pain. RHONJ seasons 3 and 4 were taped right after one another, and the fight would’ve spilled into the reunion, and revealed spoilers for the upcoming season.

Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne Maloof on rhobh

Adrienne Maloof didn’t attend The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 3 reunion because she didn’t want to see Brandi Glanville in person. Brandi told everyone that Adrienne used a surrogate to carry her twin boys. Adrienne and her ex-husband Paul Nassif filed a lawsuit against Brandi for crossing a line and invading their family’s privacy. The RHOBH housewife didn’t return for the next season because she wanted to stay away from negativity in her life.

Kim Richards

Kim Richards did her own one-on-one special with Andy Cohen instead of joining the other RHOBH housewives at the season 2 reunion. This was the first time that she admitted she was an alcoholic on reality TV. Kim figured it would be better to explain her situation individually since it’s a sensitive topic. Even when she was no longer a housewife, Kim was present at many other reunions. She was famous for returning her grandson’s bunny gift to Lisa Rinna on the RHOBH season 7 reunion.

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Luann de Lesseps

Real Housewives of New York Luann de Lesseps Hints at New Castmate

Luann de Lesseps skipped The Real Housewives of New York City season 10 reunion because she relapsed and went back to rehab. The Countess struggled with sobriety while the season was airing. Bethenny Frankel acted as Luann’s spokesperson since she couldn’t be at the reunion show. Luann confided in Bethenny during this dark time, after being arrested in Palm Beach and getting divorced from Tom D’Agostino. It was best for Luann to focus on her health instead of being attacked by her fellow RHONY housewives.

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump sitting at a bar in Vanderpump Rules season 9 premiere

Lisa Vanderpump didn’t go to the RHOBH season 9 reunion, which wasn’t surprising. She was accused of leaking the “Puppygate” story to Radar Online, which exposed Dorit Kemsley for returning a puppy from Vanderpump Dogs to another shelter. This storyline became the main source of drama throughout the season. Lisa stopped filming halfway through because she wasn’t getting along with the cast. The other RHOBH housewives thought Lisa was a coward for not showing up to explain herself. Lisa quit the show before the reunion was filmed to focus on Vanderpump Rules and her business ventures.

Mary Cosby

Mary Cosby is the latest housewife to ditch a reunion show when she bailed on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 2 sit-down. Mary didn’t want to be grilled for the racist comments made about Jennie Nguyen and Jen Shah and allegedly running a cult. She made an Instagram post bashing reality TV that was deleted. “Reality TV is junk food for our brain, and in the same way that junk food rots our teeth and makes us sick, bad reality TV rots our brain and makes us rude,” Mary wrote, according to Real Housewives University, quoting Dr. Marcia Sirota. Because of this post, Mary probably won’t come back for a third season of the Real Housewives.

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Source: Real Housewives University/Instagram

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