Thursday, October 6, 2022

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Alexandra Daddario Has Said Goodbye To The Pants-Free Life As She Gets Back Into Acting Gear

Alexandra Daddario has always been stylish, and red carpet appearances and events have been a big part of her schedule for her varying TV and movie roles. She even memorably reenacted a White Lotus scene at one of these fashionable events, but there was a time during the pandemic that things got pretty casual, and sometimes even pants-free for celebrities who were used to dropping names like “Louboutin” on the regular on the red carpet before the world shut down.

In a recent interview, Forbes asked Alexandra Daddario if she’d taken “advantage” of her ability to be at home and in loungewear during the pandemic. Those of you who follow the newly-engaged movie star should probably already know the answer to that. The Baywatch star was seen in many a bikini during the pandemic’s early days and also had a viral post about how she planned to live the pants-free life while she could. These days, however, it looks as if she’s getting back into more of a glam routine. She told the outlet:  

Oh, I definitely took advantage of the sweats and pajamas uniform over the last few years. So much so that I have a newfound appreciation for style and getting dressed up, actually.

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