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Peacemaker Actor Owns Up To Being The Show’s Worst Dancer

Make no mistake: Robert Patrick knows all too well he’s the weakest dancer in the Peacemaker opening credits, and he’s owned up to it.

Peacemaker actor Robert Patrick knows he’s the worst dancer in the DC show’s opening credits. For the first time (but certainly not the last), the DCEU has expanded into television with the new show Peacemaker. Writer and director James Gunn created the series after making The Suicide Squad for the franchise and seeing something special in John Cena’s peace-obsessed killer. Now unraveling over on HBO Max with new episodes every Thursday, Peacemaker is exploring what happens to the character following his near-death experience in The Suicide Squad as he helps a new team with another major mission.


Gunn aimed to make Peacemaker to be unlike any other superhero show currently on air, and that was clear from the opening credits in the very first episode. In a sequence that has now gone viral, the entire cast of Peacemaker performs a hilariously perfect dance number to Wig Wam’s “Do Ya Wanna Taste It”. Since the show’s premiere, Gunn has revealed plenty of secrets about the Peacemaker dance, including which cast member is the least coordinated. That would be Patrick, who plays Peacemaker’s terrible father Auggie Smith.

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During a recent watch party for Peacemaker, Gunn admitted he enjoys watching the moment where Patrick falls out of sync with everyone else. While some might be quick to defend their moves, Patrick evidently knows when to cut his losses. He responded to Gunn’s tweet by simply writing, “I suck.” Maybe he can sign up for some dance lessons ahead of the potential season 2?

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Gunn previously told Screen Rant that while most of the Peacemaker cast did well with the surprise dance number, Patrick was by far the worst of the bunch. Still, what he lacks in dancing talent he more than makes up for with his acting. Patrick’s Auggie is chilling and brutal, and Peacemaker has clearly relished getting to dig into his relationship with his son. It says a lot that while Peacemaker was one of the worst characters of The Suicide Squad due to his willingness to kill his teammates, he’s now paled in comparison to his own father.

Peacemaker is now halfway through its first season, but it sounds like the best moments are yet to come. Gunn and series star Jennifer Holland have both hyped episode 6 as the best in the series, plus the season finale promises to be pretty shocking. Gunn has shared his interest in making a Peacemaker season 2, but that will depend on how audiences continue to respond to the series. So far, so good. There just might be a future for this quirky comic book show after all, though the same can’t be said for Patrick’s dancing.

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Peacemaker releases new episodes Thursdays on HBO Max.

Source: Robert Patrick/Twitter

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