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The Best Weapon Enchantments to Get First

Weapon enchantments in Minecraft are essential for taking on the game’s tougher challenges, but there are some players should prioritize first.

The Caves and Cliffs update for Minecraft has caused a huge influx of players, both returning and new, to the game this past few months. Usually, when players are late in their survival worlds, they’ll begin to use an enchantment table to enchant their best pieces of armor or weapons. Most players will wait until they’ve mined enough diamonds in Minecraft to make diamond weapons before enchanting any of their gear, so, there’s no need to worry about enchanting until players are ready to tackle the game’s tougher challenges like the Nether or the Ender Dragon boss. No matter when players decide to enchant their gear in Minecraft, there are enchantments that players are going to want to prioritize over others.


The two most important enchantments on any piece of Minecraft equipment, armor or weapon, are Unbreaking and Mending. The Unbreaking enchantment will make weapons and tools last much longer before they break. There are three levels for the Unbreaking enchantment; Unbreaking I is the weakest and least expensive level of the enchantment while Unbreaking III is the strongest and most expensive level of the enchantment. The other enchantment, Mending, is essential in Minecraft’s survival mode. Mending will repair any piece of armor being worn whenever the player gains any XP. This means players can repair any of their gear passively and without an anvil taking their levels upon repair.

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Unlike armor enchanting in Minecraft, there are tons of variations of weapon enchantments that players will want to seek out immediately. Some of the best enchantments for combat in Minecraft can be found on the Sword and Bow. Aside from Unbreaking and Mending, players will want to look for enchantments that increase their damage and survivability when in combat. The Bow is excellent when fully enchanted and offers a great way to survive easily at range, but sword enchantments in Minecraft will make players the most lethal as well as net them more loot from mobs.

The Best Weapon Enchantments to Get First in Minecraft

Apart from Unbreaking III and Mending, these are the weapon-specific enchantments players should get first in Minecraft:


  • Sharpness V– Increases the sword’s Damage.
  • Looting III – Increases the number of items that mobs drop upon death.
  • Knockback III – Knocks enemy mobs back a few blocks after any normal attack.


  • Power IV – Increases arrow damage.
  • Infinity – Grants infinite arrows as long as there is at least one arrow in the player’s inventory.
  • Flame –  Causes the bow to shoot flaming arrows.


  • Quick Charge – Reduces the time needed to reload the crossbow.
  • Multishot – Shoots a fan of three arrows at the cost of one arrow.


  • Riptide – Propels the player forward when thrown in water or while it’s raining.

The best enchantments for weapons in Minecraft are always ones that increase the weapon’s damage or change how the weapon works in a positive way. Looting on a sword eliminates many of the annoyances of trying to get a certain mob item, as the enhancement will end up granting two or more items at a time when it is fully leveled. A good Bow is essential for dealing with Ghasts in Minecraft’s new Nether biomes, while a Trident with Riptide will help players soar through the ocean and the sky after they get a pair of Elytra Wings from the End Dimension.

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Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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