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John Boyega’s Incredible 892 Performance Proves There’s Much More To The Actor Than Star Wars

A little over two years have passed since John Boyega’s last time in the Star Wars franchise as fan-favorite character Finn, and we haven’t had much of a chance to see what the next chapter of the 29-year-old actor’s career goes from here. Following the The Rise of Skywalker, Boyega has since starred in a couple things here and there, but his latest project really shows that this actor can lead a completely powerful dramatic performance. 

CinemaBlend was among the 2022 Sundance Film Festival’s virtual audience in attendance for the first showing of 892, and I now feel as though the best may be yet to come out of John Boyega. The independent film that is part of the festival’s U.S. Dramatic Competition sees Boyega embody real-life U.S. Marine veteran Brian Easley and tells his tragic story as a tense thriller. 

892 recounts the true events that happened in the Atlanta suburbs in 2017 when Brian Easley showed up to a Wells Fargo bank one morning and claimed he had a bomb in his backpack. Easley took two clerks hostage as he asked authorities to return to him his monthly disability check from the Department of Veteran Affairs he depended on, but by some error was not placed into his account. 

John Boyega as Brian Easley in 892

(Image credit: Vox Media )

The father of a young daughter and a veteran who had separated from the service with an honorable discharge back in 2005 began to panic that he would be on the streets. Brian Easley took that course of action at the bank in the hopes he would just get the money back Veteran Affairs made him jump from hoop to hoop simply to get it all cleared up. John Boyega has a lot of emotional weight to carry in 892, and not only is it completely different from anything we’ve seen him in, it also introduces a side of the actor that could spawn into a seriously awesome career. 

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