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Sex Education Star Discusses Show’s Future and Inevitable End

Sex Education is heading back to Netflix for a fourth season, and Aimee Lou Wood has been discussing what lies ahead for the popular series.


Sex Education arrived on Netflix in 2019 as a show that could quite easily have turned into a bad parody of the sex comedies of the late 1970s, but instead, its raunchy antics endeared itself to Netflix audiences with its sincere heart and central characters. Series star Aimee Lou Wood, who plays the often naive Amy, recently talked about the upcoming fourth season with Variety, and there are a lot of changes coming for the students of Moordale High.

Sex Education released its third season last year after a short delay due to Covid filming issues, and the new episodes brought more heartache and upheaval for regulars Otis (Asa Butterfield), Maeve (Emma Mackey), Amy (Wood), Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) and Adam (Connor Swindells). The season saw a new headteacher, who had her sights on cleansing the reputation of Moordale with a strict regime of uniforms, segmentation and restrictions. While Otis and his friends managed to force Moordale’s new tyrant out of the school eventually, it backfired spectacularly when it was announced in the final episode that the building was being sold and the pupils would be losing their believed school.


During her interview, Wood conceded that there was only so much longer the series can run, as with the cast getting older it would not be possible for them to say in school forever, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t continue to follow the characters beyond school if there was still a story there to tell. However, as Wood noted, sometimes it is best to go out before the public decides they have had enough. She said:

“We’re going to have to because I’m fast approaching 30. We could go to uni, I guess, but I don’t particularly want to be playing a fresher when I’m 45. It’s going to have to come to an end, which is sad, but also I feel like you should always leave them wanting more. Always end on a high instead of having people go, ‘I really wish they would stop.'”

Sex Education Will Return To Resolve the Cliffhangers of Season 3

Sex Education Season 3 Gets a September Release Date at Netflix

For now, fans will be happy in the knowledge that a fourth season is on the way. While Sex Education has never left too many loose ends hanging at the end of its seasons, there are still some stories that will be looking for a resolution when the series makes its return. With Maeve heading off to America, Otis having to cope with her departure while accommodating a new baby brother in his home and Eric and Adam’s recent break up all needing attention, along with whatever new narratives and characters come our way, there is plenty to look forward to when the series does return.

As one of those series that can only go on for so long, Sex Education hasn’t so far suffered from story stretching or developing long storylines that roll from one season to another without really developing or being resolved. Knowing that the series could be brought to a close at any time seems to have kept the show tight and interesting to its fans. There is currently no air date for the new season, but it is likely to be somewhere towards the end of the year at the earliest. The first three seasons of Sex Education are currently available on Netflix.

Sex Education Gets Renewed for Season 4 at Netflix
Sex Education Gets Renewed for Season 4 at Netflix

The students of Moordale High will be returning for another term of high school hijinx.

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