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Why No Time To Die’s Lea Seydoux Doesn’t Think She Is A Conventional Bond Girl

A lot of franchise conventions were challenged in Daniel Craig’s final James Bond outing, the explosive finale known as No Time To Die. Adding to the sweeping changes in dynamic was, naturally, the role of Léa Seydoux’s Dr. Madeleine Swann being brought back to draw further dramatic contrast between the modern era of 007 and its storied past. Dr. Swann isn’t a conventional Bond Girl, and even Ms. Seydoux herself admits that as the truth, as she doesn’t see herself as a conventional Bond actor. 

It’s rather daunting to think of oneself as an “outside of the box” pick for the Bond legacy, as that sort of talent doesn’t always work out. Speaking with the publication Screen Daily, the actor who made her Bond debut in Spectre wrestled with that prospect herself, and in a unique fashion. When labeling herself an unconventional performer in this series, Ms. Seydoux laid out the following rationale: 

For me to be a Bond girl was completely… I wouldn’t say it made no sense, but I did think, ’How will I fit into this big machine?’ I like to be unexpected. I like to do my own thing. In the cinematic landscape, I’ve always expressed myself in a way that’s not necessarily like other actresses. I’m not an efficient actress. My pace is different, and for that reason I’ve always felt anti-conventional.

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