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Plot, Cast & Everything Else We Know

The excitement is brewing for Cobra Kai season 5 after the incredible events of the 4th season. Questions are being asked about what to expect and where the season could go. The fifth season did wrap filming in December, so this year may break the cycle of coming out close to New Year’s, but as for now, it is expected the fifth season will keep its schedule intact.

What is known about season 5, though, is that it has a strong background in the new ever-extending lore of The Karate Kid franchise and with the new stories being built on under Cobra Kai. The adventures are rich, the fights magnificent, the music superb, and the show overall is critically acclaimed. Due to all of these factors, season 5 has vast source material to draw upon, new fights, new enemies, new music, new and old cast, all of which continue to make the series fresh and inspired. Here’s everything we know about season 5 of Cobra Kai.


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What Will Season 5 Be About?

Cobra Kai S4

Season 4 laid a lot of groundwork for season 5, from extending storylines, ending rivalries, new partnerships, and new surprises. At the end of the season, Miguel decided to start his long overdue search for his father, a father that his mother told Johnny knows nothing about him. Johnny told Carmen he would bring Miguel back, but it will be at great risk to both of them as his father is a dangerous man. Meanwhile, the formers brothers in arms, Terry Silver and John Kreese hit a bit of a snag in their relationship at the end of the season. Kreese had been hard on Terry in instances of Terry’s teachings, but perhaps this was for a good reason. Terry told Kreese he had awoken his old self, the same self that had put Daniel through so much and unnecessarily so in The Karate Kid III. Terry’s sense of an odd feeling of betrayal led him to beat Stingray to a pulp. He let Stingray know if he implicated Kreese he could rejoin the dojo. Expect some legal trouble for John as he navigates the waters of being falsely accused, but also expect John to play an anti-hero to gain redemption.

Daniel spent the whole season battling his demons. Despite being the beacon of wisdom and balance for the show, Daniel grew incredibly flawed in this season. Daniel continues to believe it’s his ways or no ways until the last episode of the season when he finally instructs Sam to fight how she wishes in the All-Valley tournament final against Tory. He also manages to reach Robby in these final moments. A vengeful Robby had finally joined Cobra Kai and handed the playbook of Miyagi-Do to Cobra Kai, all while taking a bullied young man under his wing. Daniel may have begun to break the walls down again on Robby, but it is unlikely that he will flip immediately. Season 5 will likely focus on that journey.

Finally, the groundwork was laid for the start of the resolution for arguably the strongest rivalry in the show: Sam and Tory. Tory and Amanda had found some common ground after Amanda learned more of her story and this showed them a commonality. During the final match at the All-Valley, a match that was rigged by Terry Silver, Tory expressed remorse for an errant block that led to Sam getting injured. Despite Terry urging Tory to take out her other eye, Tory listed to Kreese and fought with honor. The groundwork that was laid in the fight will carry over, and the two should start to build a relationship, one that may even end with a team up!

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The Confirmed Cast So Far


No story about the Karate Kid would be complete without Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, both of whom are returning as Daniel and Johnny. Daniel’s onscreen wife Amanda (played by Courtney Henggeler) and his daughter Sam (by Mary Mouser) will come back to the show. Reprising the roles of Miguel Diaz and Robby Keene will be none other than Xolo Maridueña and Tanner Buchanan, respectively. Peyton List will be back as the hard-nosed and often misunderstood Tory Nichols. The shows binary brothers, Hawk and Demetri will continue their arc as they rebuild their relationship with Jacob Bertrand and Gianni DeCenzo at the helm. Finally, Martin Kove and Thomas Ian Griffith will be back as John Kreese and Terry Silver to resolve their betrayal arc.

Everything Else We Know

Hilary Swank
Columbia Pictures

The question everyone wants to know is if Hilary Swank will return as Julie Pierce. Josh Herald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, the show’s co-creaters weighed in on this in an interview with Fandom:

“All we can say about her is we love Hilary Swank. We think she’s a phenomenal actress and we love her character in this franchise. She was taught by Mr. Miyagi and she’s somebody who is important to the Karate Kid universe. We can’t say if she’ll return, we can’t say how she’d return if she was going to return. We can say that we talk about her and maybe we’ve met her, maybe we’ve worked with her, maybe we haven’t. We can’t tell you anything! It’s gonna continue to be a question until either she shows up or the series ends and we welcome the question every time!”

Additionally, when Kreese was being hauled away in cuffs, Terry made the comment that he could be picking up the phone just as Kreese had done with him. Could Silver be calling in Mike Barnes? If so would Sean Kanan play the part? Julie and Sean are the only two other major characters that Cobra Kai has not returned yet. With Season 4 ending and heavily implicating Chozen will be returning as a co-lead, having Julie and Mike join the fray and head full steam into season 6 would be every fans’ dream.

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