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Gilmore Girls: 10 Best Parties, Ranked

If a fictional character knows how to throw a memorable and epic party, it’s definitely Lorelai on Gilmore Girls. Rory’s mom is all about food, fun, and letting loose and forgetting about life’s problems for just one day or night. Whether Lorelai is planning a gathering or attending one herself, she’s the perfect planner or guest.

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From Rory’s two different 16th birthday parties to some of the biggest celebrations on the show, there have been many parties on Gilmore Girls that have given the characters a chance to kick back and relax. Or in some cases, these parties have created even more drama.

10 Sookie And Lorelai Cater A Kids Birthday Party

Lorelai and sookies catering business - gilmore girls

Sookie’s career choices on Gilmore Girls can sometimes be confusing. The season 4 episode “The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles” sees Lorelai and Sookie catering a kids’ Lord Of The Rings themed party. Things become incredibly awkward when Sookie doesn’t know what food children will like.

While this party is a chaotic mess, it does prove to Sookie and Lorelai that working together isn’t always going to be easy, an important lesson that they take with them as they get ready to open The Dragonfly Inn.

9 Rory And Logan Attend A Quentin Tarantino Themed Party

Gilmore Girls Rory and Logan in Pulp Friction

The season 5 episode “Pulp Friction” features Rory and Logan dressing up like characters from Tarantino movies and going to a party with other people.

This party creates a big change in Rory and Logan’s seemingly casual relationship as they both realize that they’re envious and they want to be together. While the party isn’t quite as exciting as some others, it does move the story forward, and it’s sweet seeing Rory and Logan realize their strong feelings for each other.


8 Lorelai’s Bachelorette Party

Rory using her pager at lorelai's bachelorette party on gilmore girls

In the season 2 episode “Red Light on the Wedding Night,” Sookie plans a bachelorette for Lorelai, who phones Christopher and realizes that she won’t be happy if she marries Max.

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This party ultimately ends up being sad since Lorelai comes to the conclusion that she won’t get married after all. But it’s still a fun and significant evening in Lorelai’s life, especially since Emily shares a memory of how excited she was to marry Richard.

7 The Dinner Party In “The Bracebridge Dinner”

Split image of the Bracebridge dinner and Lorelai and Rory on Gilmore Girls

One of the best Gilmore Girls winter episodes is season 1’s “The Bracebridge Dinner” when Lorelai and Sookie throw a huge dinner party at the Independence Inn.

Since this party isn’t as dramatic as some others, it’s not as important, but it’s still a memorable episode where Lorelai has fun with her friends and fellow Stars Hollow residents. Fans always appreciate the episodes where the whole town comes together.

6 Sherry’s Baby Shower

sherry and lorelai talking- gilmore girls

Sherry’s baby shower in the season 3 episode “Take The Deviled Eggs…” is tough for both Lorelai and Rory, so it’s not as enjoyable to watch as other celebratory gatherings. It’s still a big deal for both mother and daughter, though, making it one of the best parties on the show.

Rory and Lorelai both realize that things are changing fast and that they have to come to terms with Christoper becoming a father again. It’s hard for Rory to get used to this new dynamic and it’s sad for Lorelai to think that Christopher and Sherry might stay together and Lorelai will lose Christopher for good.

5 April’s Birthday Party

Luke and Lorelai at April's birthday party and Lorelai doing April's makeup on Gilmore Girls

April and Luke’s Gilmore Girls scenes are charming and it’s even more fun to watch Lorelai ensure that April has a wonderful birthday in season 6.

While the party takes place at Luke’s diner and some might say that isn’t exciting enough, Lorelai works her magic and makes this a special time for April. This is a party that means a lot as Lorelai shows Luke that she will step in when he needs her and it makes them both wonder about their future.

4 Emily And Richard’s Christmas Party

Split image of Emily and Rory at a party and the hospital on Gilmore Girls

The season 1 episode “Forgiveness and Stuff” sees Rory attending Emily and Richard’s famous Christmas party alone while Lorelai eats a Santa burger at Luke’s diner. Lorelai is especially upset that she’s going to miss her favorite apple tarts.

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This is one of the best parties on the series since it’s got fancy food, a festive atmosphere, and some family drama. Rory is nervous about going to the gathering alone, but she becomes a bit more comfortable. As the episode progresses, Richard is admitted to the hospital with a heart condition, and the family realizes that they have to be kinder to each other.

3 Lorelai’s Birthday Party With A Huge Pizza

A split image of Pete on the phone and the massive pizza outside on Gilmore Girls

If a perfect Gilmore Girls party has fun, food, and great company, then Rory throwing Lorelai an epic birthday celebration in season 3 is one of the most exciting parties on the show.

Since fans love watching the mother and daughter duo have a good time together, this is a sweet and entertaining storyline that is nice to revisit.

2 Emily’s Party For Rory’s 16th Birthday

rory's 16th birthday on gilmore girls

The “Rory’s Birthday Parties” Gilmore Girls episode sees Emily hosting a formal party that Rory could definitely care less about.

This party is one of the most awkward yet interesting ones on the popular series. While Rory has a terrible time and feels insecure, she explains her feelings to Emily, a crucial exercise in Rory’s coming of age journey.

1 Lorelai’s Party For Rory’s 16th Birthday

Sookie holding a birthday cake with Rory and Lorelai at Rory's birthday on Gilmore Girls

When fans think about the ultimate Gilmore Girls party, Rory’s 16th bash is always going to be top of mind.

From Lorelai buying Rory a laptop to enjoying a cake with Rory’s photo on it, not to mention the fact that everyone in Stars Hollow wants to celebrate Rory, it’s no wonder that viewers have so many fond memories of this party. It’s also sweet that Emily and Richard attend and Emily realizes that she wants to put more effort into her relationship with Lorelai.

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