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How to Level Up Fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

Get more XP to level up quickly in Rainbow Six Extraction and gain access to more operators, gear, and mission difficulties sooner rather than later.

Earning more XP to level up quickly is one of the top priorities in Rainbow Six Extraction, as earning more XP allows players to unlock more gear operators as soon as possible. The good news is that there is no shortage of activities that reward XP in Rainbow Six Extraction, but there is a risk and reward factor at play for the objectives that can net players larger sums of XP. As Rainbow Six Extraction missions start to feel easier to complete, players can make a couple of tactical decisions to increase the XP they’ll earn to level up.

Unlocking every operator in Rainbow Six Extraction is a huge benefit to earning more XP quickly, but it also allows players to use the better equipment and gadgets to complete the higher difficulty invasions. Like everything else in Rainbow Six Extraction, higher-difficulty missions also require more XP to level up. So the sooner that players have access to those more challenging missions, the sooner they’ll be able to level up even further.


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By far, the easiest way to level up faster in Rainbow Six Extraction is by successfully completing missions on harder difficulties without any of the operatives going down. Unfortunately, this can prove to be a challenge early on as Rainbow Six Extraction’s MIA system limits what operators can be used whenever an operator falls to an Archaean. Fortunately, by working to upgrade multiple operators, players can ensure that they’ll have the best equipment available to them in a variety of circumstances, reinforcing their ability to gain XP more quickly in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Tips To Level Up Faster in Rainbow Six Extraction

Aside from finishing missions on higher difficulties in Rainbow Six Extraction, players can also perform a number of kills or objectives throughout each mission to increase the amount of XP gained. For example, killing any enemy who has been scanned is an easy way for players to earn additional XPAdditionally, stealth kills and takedowns on Rainbow Six Extraction’s Arcaeans will grant a large amount of XP per kill, and they can be completed on any unaware Archæan. Likewise, multi-kills will also earn players more XP in Rainbow Six Extraction.

The other way players can earn more XP is by completing all research objectives in Rainbow Six Extraction. Research objectives are simple challenges that vary from mission to mission with specific tasks in mind. Players who want to level up faster should seek to complete all objectives in incursions for the maximum amount of XP earned.

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Rainbow Six Extraction is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

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