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Rainbow Six Extraction: How To Defeat a Protean

With a strong team defense, players can fight and defeat the powerful Protean enemies in special combat arenas in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Proteans mimic REACT operators which players will need to battle in Rainbow Six Extraction. Players should have a good loadout and choose the right operator depending on which type of Protean they’re fighting. The Proteans are based on the REACT operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, so players may need to adapt their combat style depending on which operator they’re facing off against.

There are a few different types of Proteans that take on the form of Rainbow Six Extraction REACT operators, such as Sledge or Smoke. Each one has specific abilities related to the operator they represent. For example, the Sledge Protean uses a sledgehammer for melee attacks, and the Smoke Protean uses poisonous gas. Players will need to adjust their playstyle depending on which enemy they face. However, players first need to find a Gateway to encounter a Protean.


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Players can only travel through a Gateway to defeat a Protean if they’re playing on Cautious or higher difficulty in Rainbow Six Extraction. Gateway is a type of mission objective players will come across where they are transported to a separate combat arena. Players will need to defeat the Protean in the arena within the designated time limit in order to successfully complete the mission. There are a few strategies players can use depending on which Protean they’re facing.

Strategies for Defeating a Protean in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction How To Defeat a Protean Player Fighting Protean

There are currently three iterations of the Protean enemy in Rainbow Six Extraction: Sledge, Smoke, and Alibi. The Sledge Protean uses powerful melee attacks, the Smoke Protean uses poisonous gas and a shotgun, and the Alibi Protean can create copies of itself. Avoiding each Protean’s special abilities can be difficult, but dodging the attacks or effects is important to winning the fight. The battle is easier if players can communicate and fight with their friends in Rainbow Six Extraction. The way players fight a Protean will also depend on which operator they’re using and their loadout.

In the Protean fight area, there will be health and ammunition to collect as players are battling their opponent. For as much of the fight as possible, players should maintain a safe distance and fire at the Protean whenever possible. Players may also want to have one person designated for clearing a path so they can reach valuable supplies and move around quicker. Using an operators’ special ability, like Alibi’s decoy skill, can also help players win the fight.

In the Gateway incursion, defeating the Protean will complete the objective and conclude the mission. Players should be prepared for a longer fight with the Protean than they’re used to with most of the other Archæans in Rainbow Six Extraction. The Proteans will have operator abilities to look out for, so players should familiarize themselves with the various REACT operator skills before entering a battle. Proteans are one of the deadliest enemies players will face in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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Rainbow Six Extraction is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC.

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