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Seth Rogen Talks Famous Knocked Up Scene That Was Totally Messed Up For The Cast

2007’s Knocked Up was really the comedy that propelled Seth Rogen’s performing career to the next level before he went on to star in more of his memorable movies such as Pineapple Express, This Is the End and Neighbors. As the movie approaches its 15-year anniversary, the actor has talked one moment in the movie that he recalls as being “fucked up,” especially for his co-star Jay Baruchel. 

Seth Rogen was asked about a scene in Knocked Up where he and the cast go to Knott’s Berry Farm together. There are moments that see the actors, also including Jason Segel and Martin Starr, riding roller coasters at the California theme park. Jay Baruchel looks visibly freaked out, and rumor has it the whole cast threw up that day from all the ride riding. Rogen shared what it was really like with these words:  

That day was fucked up. And I think it’s in the movie. Jay’s having a full-on panic attack. No, he’s not acting, he’s like ‘Get me outta this fucking thing.’ And then the rest of us had to ride it like fucking 10 more times or some shit like that. And we’re doing the fucking falling thing. Jay was like having a nervous breakdown, like Jason was on oxygen, I was half passed out, half-vomiting, on dramamine all day.

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