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5 Reasons Why We’re Excited About Tom Hanks’ Movie Adaptation

It was previously announced that Tom Hanks would be leading an English remake of A Man Called Ove. Here’s why we’re excited for the movie.

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Known for his work as an actor in hits like Big, Apollo 13 and Sully, Tom Hanks is a Hollywood icon who is known for taking on some of the most challenging roles. His most recent conquest is playing the main character, Ove, in the upcoming English remake of A Man Called Ove. Originally a Swedish adaptation of the novel of the same name, A Man Called Ove revolves around an old retiree named Ove, whose only joys in life are enforcing block rules and visiting his late wife’s grave. When a young mixed-race family moves into the house beside him, Ove’s life takes an unexpected turn as a new friendship grows, changing his overall outlook on life.


The Swedish version was previously nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards and the novel A Man Called Ove was on the New York Times Bestseller list for 77 consecutive weeks, being translated into 43 languages. Marc Forster is set to direct the English-language remake of the Swedish film with Tom Hanks playing both actor and producer. Here are five reasons to be excited about Tom Hanks’ A Man Called Ove.

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Marc Forster is Directing

The original film was granted the skill of local Swede Hannes Holm, but for the remake, Marc Forster was chosen to take the reins. Responsible for hits like Finding Neverland, Christopher Robin, and Quantum of Solace, Marc Forster has plenty of films under his belt to back up his skill as a director. While this German-born director has yet to receive any awards, he’s received quite a few nominations. In fact, Forster is bound to gain plenty of attention working on A Man Called Ove alongside Hollywood giant Tom Hanks. If Forster is able to bring the same level of heart and sentimentality as he did in Christopher Robin, then Forster will bring a special touch to the film which is bound to bring tears to your eyes.

English Language Remake

As seen with films in the past like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo—another example of an originally Swedish film remade in English to reach a wider audience—foreign films are often overlooked by native English speakers. The original version of A Man Called Ove was nominated for many Academy Awards and while the film is highly acclaimed and critically recognized, it hasn’t received as much attention from general audiences. As a result, the story remains untold for many. A story that transcends language and culture in terms of content. That said, choosing to recreate the story in the English-Language is one of the best ways to reach as many audiences as possible to share the story of A Man Called Ove.

Same Creative Team as The Original

One of the executive producers, Fredrik Wikstrom, who worked on the original version, is backing up the remake. This may not sound like a big deal, but it certainly is a reason to have high hopes for the remake. Not all remakes are created equal or done well, like the remake of Ghost in the Shell which was a great disappointment to the Japanese Anime film. The great CGI did not make up for the endless whitewashing and poor script. Seeing a familiar name on both the original and the remake of A Man Called Ove is a sign that the remake is already on the right track to having the same level of quality as the Swedish version.

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Screenwriter David Magee is Penning the Project

A final addition that is quickly raising interest in A Man Called Ove is the man responsible for the script, David Magee. The Academy-Award nominated screenwriter has made a name for himself having a hand in Finding Neverland, Life of Pi, and Mary Poppins Returns. His writing brings the characters to life through extraordinary dialogue. The way Magee chose to construct the story in Life of Pi is legendary and is what earned him the nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay based on how he transcribed the novel in a screenplay. With storytelling like this, Magee’s touch on A Man Called Ove will mesh well with Forster’s style of filmmaking, especially given that the two already worked together on Finding Neverland.

Tom Hanks as Ove

The award-winning actor is set to play the cantankerous old man with no meaning to his life. At the ripe age of 65, Tom Hanks is an A-list actor that seems to tackle any role he takes with a great deal of authenticity and versatility. Most known for his roles in Castaway and Forrest Gump which earned him an Academy Award, Tom Hanks is a name that everyone knows. While it may seem a random choice to have him play the title character Ove, Tom Hanks has been lined up for the role since the idea for the film was first pitched for the creation of A Man Called Ove English remake. This is enough to garner international interest in the film as Tom Hanks’ performances are truly something to behold.

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