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10 Quotes That Prove Prof. X Is The Best X-Man In The Fox Movies

Charles Xavier aka Prof. X has always been a very big part of the Fox X-Men movies, appearing in just about all of them. He is shown to be one of the most powerful mutants as well as the one who brings all the X-Men together.

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Xavier is less of an exciting presence than some of the other members of the team, mostly staying out of the action and handling things from the mansion. However, throughout the movies, he has shown why he might be the most important X-Man through quotes that demonstrate his power, leadership, and heroics.

10 Convincing Logan To Help

“Someone Has Come Along.”

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in Logan

The intense and emotional Logan finds a very different Xavier as he is much older and seemingly weaker than fans have seen him before. However, his desire to make the world better in any way he can remains as strong as ever.

When he and Logan come across an accident on the road, Xavier wants to help while Logan insists that someone will come along soon. But Xavier points out, “Someone has come along.” It shows that Xavier doesn’t have to be saving the world to make a difference but rather just looking out for those in need.

9 Standing Up To Apocalypse

“Because You Are Alone And I Am Not.”

James McAvoy as Professor Xavier in X-Men: Apocalypse

Xavier is capable of some incredible and even terrifying things with his powers. However, he is also smart enough to realize that he cannot do everything on his own even if he is one of the most powerful mutants. He is stronger because he is willing to be helped by his team.

In X-Men: Apocalypse, Xavier faces off with a mutant who is even more powerful than he is with Apocalypse. But when facing off in the climax, Xavier insists Apocalypse will lose because he is alone while Xavier has his X-Men on his side.


8 Remaining Hopeful

“Mankind Is Not Evil. Just Uninformed.”

Though mutants possess incredible abilities and sometimes godlike powers in the X-Men universe, they are still outcasts in the world of humans. The movies often show the prejudices they face and the dangers they are put in simply for being different.

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While Xavier knows the hatred that mankind is capable of as much as anyone, it never causes him to hate them in return. As other mutants despise humanity, Xavier sees them as only in need of education and he remains hopeful they will see the light someday.

7 Final Advice For Jean

“Don’t Let It Control You.”

Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men: The Last Stand

Among the many things fans didn’t like about Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand was how the movie killed off Patrick Stewart’s Prof. X halfway through the story. While it was an unpopular decision, he remained true to his character until his final moments.

As Jean Grey’s Phoenix power grows and corrupts her, she takes aim at Xavier. Even as he faces death, Xavier uses his final moments to continue to teach his student and tells her the powers don’t need to control her. He doesn’t say it in the hopes of saving his life, but rather to save her.

6 Taking The High Road

“We Have It In Us To Be The Better Man.”

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender in X-Men: First Class

The relationship between Xavier and Magneto is one of the most interesting in the X-Men movies. These old friends have a lot in common, but they also have fundamentally different views about humanity.

Magneto believes humanity will never accept mutants and believes they must be wiped out in order for mutants to survive. Xavier doesn’t excuse the terrible things humans have done but believes if mutants can show they are the more civilized species, there will be peace.

5 Encouraging Logan’s Redemption

“Logan, You Still Have Time.”

Thanks to the confusing timelines of the X-Men movies, Xavier has a second death scene in Logan. The movie explores the long history Logan and Xavier shared together which saw them both drift away from the heroes they used to be.

While Logan has given up on becoming a better person, Xavier is always looking for redemption for the two of them. Sadly, he dies a man still filled with regret and guilt, but he once again uses his dying words to help someone else as he encourages Logan to continue on the hero’s path.

4 Helping Magneto Embrace The Good

“There’s So Much More To You Than You Know. Not Just Pain And Anger. There’s Good In You Too.”

Professor X in X-Men: First Class

The first X-Men trilogy had Magneto as an incredibly effective villain, but the prequels show his origins and explore him as a more sympathetic character. They also explore his early friendship with Xavier who tries to take him off his dark path.

Xavier is always able to see the best in people and such was the case with Magneto. While Magneto uses his anger to aim his power, Xavier shows him that his happy memories are just as effective. He shows his friend that there is more to him than just a villain.

3 Accepting That People Make Mistakes

“Just Because Someone Stumbles And Loses Their Path Doesn’t Mean They’re Lost Forever.”

Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy as Charles Xavier in X-Men Days of Future Past

The prequels also explore a previously unmentioned friendship between Xavier and Mystique to the point that they were like family. Mystique eventually leaves Xavier to follow Magneto’s more aggressive path.

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Despite being hurt by the betrayal, Xavier shows that he still has complete faith in her. His words about forgiving and welcoming back Mystique eco the words his older self tells his younger self when he has also lost his path. Xavier never believes someone is too far gone to come back to the side of good.

2 Losing His Patience

“Two Days On The Road, Only One Meal, And Hardly Any Sleep. She’s 11 And I’m F***ing 90.”

Logan Final Trailer - Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier

It is heartbreaking to see Xavier as an old and frail man in Logan, but it is also fun to see him as a sassier version of the character. In fact, he even drops a few instances of profanity which is quite surprising, such as in this hilarious line.

During the heroes’ dangerous road trip, Xavier points out the rough shape they are all in and in need of a break. It is great fun to see the usually dignified Xavier lose his cool for a moment while also still making a smart point.

1 Giving A Warning

“I Feel A Great Swell Of Pity For The Poor Soul Who Comes To That School Looking For Trouble.”

Perhaps what makes Xavier the best of the X-Men is how much he cares for all of his students and would do anything to protect them. While he is not an aggressive person, his students are something he would fight for.

When Magneto tries to scare him with the idea of someone coming to his school to take his children, Xavier responds back with his own veiled threat. It is a reserved yet strong response that shows how much confidence he has in his X-Men.

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