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Rebecca Ferguson Explains How Dune Was A Big Family (Though She’s Friendly With M:I Co-Star Tom Cruise)

Making movies in Hollywood has to be one of the more unique jobs one can have. At the same time, it is just a job and that means it’s going to have a lot of things in common with any other job. Actors are going to build different sorts of relationships with their various co-workers. Rebecca Ferguson has been part of many great movie casts including being in the Mission: Impossible franchise for years and while she calls Tom Cruise a friend, she recently explained she has become closer with several of her Dune co-stars.

Rebecca Ferguson admits that while she has good relationships with her co-stars, there are those that she gets along with, and then there are those that become something a little more. Her Dune co-star Jason Momoa is mentioned as somebody Ferguson considers a close friend. She doesn’t have the same relationship with Tom Cruise, mostly due to the fact that he’s Tom Cruise. Ferguson explains to the L.A. Times:

I think to be honest, it’s just very much down to who you click with. I can do big movies, but I mean, not that Tom isn’t a friend of mine, but I think Tom Cruise is quite busy all the time, so it’s not like we go to dinners every weekend. My point is that with my work with people, I still have very good relationships, but some people you take with you, don’t you?

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