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Fortnite Leaker Claims Return Of Flare Gun & Weather Update Is Next Week

According to a reputable leaker, Fortnite will see the return of the Flare Gun and its previously showcased weather system update next week.

Fortnite‘s next major update could be imminent, as a notable leaker has claimed the title’s brand-new weather system and previously seen Flare Gun are going to be introduced to Chapter 3 players next week, with the possibility of the arrival of update 19.10. Epic Games showed-off Fortnite‘s new weather and environmental effects during the overview trailer of Chapter 3, with the addition of lightning and tornadoes that can pull players into them and help them traverse across the map.

Fortnite’s Chapter 3 recently launched with new additions and innovative mechanics that change how the free-to-play multiplayer title is played. Players can now land into Fortnite‘s manifold map with a collection of new content including characters, cosmetics, and new game mechanics – such as sliding and Spider-Man’s web-shooter; the latter of which allow players the ability to easily traverse around Fortnite‘s brand-new map and offers a more fluid experience than ever before. Additionally, Epic Games introduced first-person mode to Fortnite for the very first time with a brand-new weapon, and players can now make use of the long-request fan feature.


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The Fortnite-dedicated content creator and well-known news account, HYPEX, has once again teased the future of Fortnite with a brand-new leak regarding Chapter 3. While Fortnite Chapter 3 only began last month, it appears that the title might be receiving its next major update with previously hinted features to once again rejuvenate the experience. Posted on Twitter, HYPEX claims that Fortnite will receive the previously showcased weather update along with the return of the Flare Gun from Chapter 2 next Tuesday. While unconfirmed, the leaker is a long-time reputable source and also hints at the possibility of the title’s next major update, 19.10, which will bring about many more unannounced new features.

In addition to the Flare Gun and weather system coming next week, HYPEX recently claimed that the snow covering half of Chapter 3’s map will begin melting this Friday on January 7 and will have six different stages before completely disappearing and revealing the return of Tilted Towers. If accurate, Tilted Towers could be a new Point of Interest location in Chapter 3 Season 2, as the melting will most likely run up into the end of March, the same month Season 1 officially ends.

Fortnite‘s newest chapter is off to a great start and the addition of the Flare Gun and the weather system could benefit players who are looking for a more immersive experience. If the leak is true then the new 19.10 update and Fortnite’s Chapter 3 additions could be closer than expected, so players can look forward to an official announcement from Epic Games within the next few days.

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Fortnite is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC.

Source: HYPEX/Twitter

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