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Scream 5 Introduces The Perfect Randy Meeks Replacement

Scream 2022 introduces the perfect replacement for Jamie Kennedy’s now-iconic character Randy Meeks and the movies are keeping it in the family.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Scream 2022

Scream 2022 introduces the perfect replacement for Jamie Kennedy’s original Scream character Randy Meeks. Randy was introduced in the original Wes Craven movie and Kennedy’s character served as the conduit for the slasher movie’s commentary on the horror genre. From his job at the local video store to his show-stopping monologue during the bloodbath at Stu Macher’s house, Randy became one of the Scream franchise’s most popular characters. Unfortunately, Randy met his demise in Scream 2 (and appeared in Scream 3 via a pre-recorded video), leaving a hole in the franchise.


Like the fourth movie, the 2022 entry returns to Woodboro as Ghostface reappears once again and begins targeting people associated with the original murders. This allows Scream to introduce a brand new cast of characters, most of whom are picked off by Ghostface. Among those introduced are two pairs of siblings – Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega) and Chad (Mason Gooding) and Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmin Savoy Brown). All four of the characters make it out of the movie alive after a bloodbath at Stu Macher’s old house, but one is the clear frontrunner to be the perfect Randy Meeks replacement.

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Brown’s Mindy Meeks-Martin is arguably the standout character of the 2022 movie and, similar to her late uncle, she also has a brilliant monologue around the halfway point in the film that breaks down the new horror movie rules for Scream. Mindy also details what a “requel” is before commenting on the general state of horror movies and fandom. It’s a scene at Stu Macher’s house that solidifies her place as Randy’s true successor, though.

Mindy looking alarmed in Scream.

Like the original 1996 movie, the climax of Scream sees Sidney, Gail, and the rest of the cast converge on Stu Macher’s house, now owned by Amber Freeman’s parents. At the party, which is held in honor of Wes Hicks’ death earlier in the film, Mindy is watching the original Stab movie and, in one of the most meta-moments of the entire franchise, Mindy watches a recreation of Randy’s drunken horror movie rant while delivering her own as Ghostface comes up behind her. Brown, who also plays a young Taissa in word-of-mouth hit Yellowjackets, is hilarious in the scene before Ghostface gets a hold of her.

Through this scene, Scream certainly hints that Mindy is intended to be Randy’s spiritual successor and luckily, she makes it out of the movie alive. While there are no plans for a sequel to the 2022 movie, the fifth Scream certainly sets up a stellar follow-up. With Dewey’s unfortunate death, Sidney and Gale are the only true legacy characters left, but new Scream Queens Sam, Tara, and Mindy (as well as Mindy’s brother Chad, who also survives), are more than capable of taking the lead of the franchise. It’s Mindy, though, who will be remembered for some time to come. Not only is the character brilliantly, but it also rectifies a Scream franchise problem with queer representation in the film. While Scream 6 has yet to get the greenlight, Ghostface seems primed for an even grislier return and, hopefully, Mindy makes it out alive this time.

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