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Batgirl Set Video Shows Brendan Fraser’s Firefly Making Gotham Burn

Brendan Fraser’s casting in Batgirl caused a stir last year, and while we have previously seen some behind the scene stills of The Mummy actor in character, a new set video has revealed Fraser’s Firefly character causing some fiery mayhem in Gotham City. In the last week, filming on Batgirl has been happening in Scotland in the U.K. and that has led to a number of new images for the cast and crew on and around set, as well as the first good look at Leslie Grace’s titular heroine. The new footage, however, is some of the first action footage to leak from the movie set.

Shared on Reddit, the video taken from a side angle shows a shop on fire, with smoke billowing out into the night sky. From the clouds, Fraser’s Firefly casually emerges and walks across the street, stopping just long enough to take a look back at his work before heading off. While not quite so spectacular to see in this form, it is easy to imagine how the finished scene will look once post-production wizards have added their touch to it.


News of Fraser’s casting in the role came in October last year, and as one of the stars of the HBO Max series Doom Patrol, the actor is no stranger to comic book movies or the world of DC. His regular look was then revealed last month, when crew members celebrated Fraser’s birthday on set while he was wearing his character’s regular clothes. While we have still to see any sight of what the character may look like in Firefly mode, what has been seen so far has brought high hopes of a great take on the villain.

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Brendan Fraser Is Just A Small Part Of An Ensemble Cast Of Stars From Batman’s On-Screen History


While fans were excited by the news of Fraser’s Firefly joining the Batgirl movie, it was just the first in a string of announcements that would set the bar of expectation on the movie quite high even before a single image was seen. Considering the film has chosen to drop a cinematic release and will instead be heading to HBO Max later this year, Warner Bros. is in no way treating this as a TV movie, and the film actually acts as a sign that “TV movies” of the past, with low budgets and cheap special effects are soon to be a distant memory as more streaming platforms push big money into their streaming platforms.

Along with Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, the movie features Michael Keaton once again in the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne, as well as the return of J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, the iteration of the character last seen in the Justice League movie. While this ties the story into the larger DCEU, there is still a long way to go before it is explained how Michael Keaton’s Batman is part of this universe where Simmons is Gordon. While The Flash will also have something to add to the story of Keaton’s return, there is little doubt that this will not be the only time we will see Grace’s Batgirl in the DCEU’s future.

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