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Shaquille O’Neal Gave 1,000 Nintendo Switches To Kids In Need On Christmas

Former basketball star Shaquille O’Neal gave away 1,000 PlayStation 5 consoles and 1,000 Nintendo Switch consoles to kids in need this past Christmas.

NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal donated 1,000 PlayStation 5 and 1,000 Nintendo Switch consoles to children in need for Christmas. The former basketball star is known for being quite charitable with his wealth and it likely wasn’t easy to attain this many PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles given both platforms are experiencing supply chain issues.

Nintendo recently noted that the Nintendo Switch will have a shortage in 2022 due to an issue with parts. The company has a handful of different Switch variants to sell ranging from the original version to the newly released OLED Switch. The OLED Switch has been a successful way to get more people on board with the console, but it doesn’t add any significant changes to convert those who already own the Switch. Nonetheless, it seems like Shaq is helping push some units for Nintendo.


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During The Gary Vee Audio Experience podcast (via Nintendo Life), Shaq revealed he obtained 1,000 Nintendo Switch consoles via a “friend from Nintendo,” as well as 1,000 PS5 consoles. Shaq revealed that his parents taught him the value of giving back to those in need and noted that tens of millions of kids wake up without a gift on Christmas – including him at one point. Since becoming a successful NBA star and basketball analyst (and general media personality), he has sought to ensure kids don’t have to feel that way ever again.

PS5 controllers dualsense

Even though there’s a PS5 shortage as well, Shaq was able to get one of the most in-demand holiday items for numerous kids. It’s unclear if he managed to get the consoles from scalpers on sites like eBay – which is a rather valiant effort in itself since the consoles go to those who probably couldn’t get it at retail price anyway. It’s also unclear if Shaq got any games or gift cards for the kids, but it’s hard to imagine he let those kids go home without something to play.

Either way, Shaq’s heart is in the right place. Even though Nintendo is expecting issues with Nintendo Switch stock in 2022, Sony is hoping to see an end to the PS5 shortage. 2022 will be a big year for the console with a number of highly anticipated games, the potential launch of PlayStation VR 2, and more – so, hopefully, Sony can meet the demand for PS5 consoles.

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Source: The Gary Vee Audio Experience, Nintendo Life)

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