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These Are the Most Iconic Moments in Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy

The Fear Street Trilogy is a horror film series based on R. L. Stine’s series of the same name. The plot follows a group of teens who do everything in their power to break the curse that has been looming over their town for hundreds of years. The trilogy consists of: Fear Street Part 1: 1994, which follows teens in Shadyside who experience a series of murders carried out by the evil force in their town; Fear Street Part 2: 1978 follows teens at Camp Nightwing who must survive a possessed counselors’ terror; and the final installation Fear Street Part 3: 1666, which covers the origins of the curse over the town in the mid-17th century.

As the films were released one by one over the summer of 2021, they were received very positively, and with over six hours of content, there are bound to be many memorable moments. With the help of a phenomenal cast including Maya Hawke and Sadie Sink from the hit series Stranger Things, some even say that the two are connected. With the freedom given within the three solid plot lines, there are many opportunities for iconic moments to arise, from the jokes made to lighten up the mood to lovable characters dying in the most horrific of ways. These are the most iconic moments in Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy.

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9 Opening Scene – Fear Street Part 1

The first and most iconic scene is what introduced the trilogy to the world. When Heather is closing up the bookshop at the mall, she hears something suspicious and there are quite a few scares that occur before the big finale when Skull Mask appears, the first sign being the bloodied orange Julius that Ryan was holding earlier. As she runs from Skull Mask, she hides in a Halloween store and Skull Mask grabs her, triggering the title to appear.

8 Kate’s Death – Fear Street Part 1

In Fear Street Part One: 1994, we are gifted with many gory slasher moments, but none as shocking or horrifying as Kate’s death. Not only was her character likable, but she deserved to live. This is part of what makes Kate’s death so horrific. She’s not just stabbed in the gut, but Skull Mask takes it to the extreme by caking her face and running her head through a bread slicer. Considered one of the most inventive modes of murder since The Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise, Kate’s death is definitely one of the most iconic and gory moments in the trilogy.

7 Sam Stabs Deena – Fear Street Part 1

After their breakup, Deena brings Sam back from the dead. While you would imagine that this would be a great way for the lovers to reunite, think again. It’s a gut-wrenching moment as the audience, invested in the couple’s relationship, hopes for the best but instead receives the worst when the undead Sam stabs Deena. Yet despite all this, Deena still insists that she is in love with her and that they belong together. Here Fear Street Part One: 1994 combines a love story with horror as a possessed Sam and Deena’s toxic love seems to beat even the bounds of attempted murder.

6 Cindy Stabs Camp Killer – Fear Street Part 2

One of the best moments in Fear Street Part Two: 1978, Cindy takes it upon herself to murder Tommy by stabbing him over and over in order to save her sister Ziggy. This moment is more than just another murder as Cindy is not only displaying her love for her sister, but she stabs the Camp Killer, Tommy, who was also a former boyfriend. Another combination of heart-warming love and gory violence as Cindy chooses her sister over her former boyfriend. This scene is especially on theme with The Fear Street Trilogy, focusing on the sisterly love and relationships between women.

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5 Tommy’s First Kill – Fear Street Part 2

Shortly after Tommy is possessed by the evil that clouds Shadyside, his hunger to kill is satiated. He targets Arnie in the witch’s lair and pounds on his head with an ax until Arnie is no longer recognizable. This gory moment pulls out all stops, reminiscent of the horrific moment that Kate was put through the bread slicer in Fear Street Part One, this scene is just a taste of what the campers are in for in Fear Street Part Two: 1978. While this kill may seem to just blend into the background, it’s far too gruesome for it to go ignored.

4 “Tag, you’re it!” – Fear Street Part 2

After the campers lure Nick and the Shadyside Killers into the mall, Ziggy makes a decision to get revenge on what he’s done at Camp Nightwing in the past. She decides to throw a mixture of paint and Deena’s blood on him and says, “Tag, you’re it”. One of the best moments in Fear Street Part Two: 1978, it’s a mixture of comedy, irony, and even a reference to the Stephen King classic Carrie. This is poetic justice as Nick gets a taste of what he’s done. While this is nothing close to what Nick deserves, it’s satisfying to see a bully get a taste of their own medicine.

3 Nick’s Death – Fear Street Part 3

Throughout the films, we witness murder after murder, some of which hit hard as the victims are so undeserving. One of the most satisfying moments in the series is when Deena finally puts an end to Nick by stabbing him in the eye. A well-deserved death for someone like Nick whose family has shamelessly brought evil into Shadyside. While it took until Fear Street Part Three; 1666 to finally be rid of the source of the evil, it’s mighty satisfying to see the horrific monster be put down. On top of this, his little minions just disappear into dust, like they were never there.

2 Pastor Miller’s Murders – Fear Street Part 3

Probably the most gruesome moment in the entire series is the scene in which Pastor Cyrus Miller is mumbling to himself under his breath while twelve children are sitting in the pews of his church, still and unmoving. Not long after this, it’s revealed that all of these children were murdered by Pastor Miller and gouged out all their eyes, including his own. While Fear Street Part Three: 1666 spares us the horror of watching the murders occur, the aftermath is just as horrifying. The citizens are not only left with many of their children dead, their eyes left in a pile on the floor of the church, but they are faced with the fact that their Pastor is the one responsible.

1 Stolen Spell Book – Fear Street Part 3

Maybe not the most gruesome or horrifying, but definitely, the most suspenseful moment is the end of the credits of Fear Street Part Three: 1666 in which a pair of unidentified hands swipes Solomon Goode’s spell book. This small scene has left people speculating about whether or not there will be a part four of the series or if there will be another spin-off. It left fans of the series with a frustrating cliffhanger that has brought about many theories about where the series is headed.

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