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Kevin Smith Reviews Peacemaker, Sings James Gunn’s Praises

Filmmaker and comics mega-fan Kevin Smith takes to his YouTube channel to praise James Gunn’s DCEU show Peacemaker for innovating the superhero genre.

Kevin Smith speaks out about Peacemaker to praise the series and James Gunn’s handling of the material. The DCEU show follows the titular anti-hero, played by John Cena, on a new mission following his recovery from the injuries sustained in the climax of The Suicide Squad. Peacemaker dropped its first three episodes last week, with new episodes hitting HBO Max every Thursday.

Peacemaker picks up several months after the events of The Suicide Squad. Seemingly freed from prison after recovering from the wounds suffered at the hands of Bloodsport (Idris Elba), Christopher Smith a.k.a Peacemaker is recruited by Amanda Waller’s (Viola Davis) ground team for a top-secret mission to assassinate a “butterfly” impersonating a United States Senator. Though initially kept in the dark about the true purpose of the mission, it is eventually revealed that a “butterfly” is an alien insect using a human being as a powerful host – hinting at a major alien invasion underway on Earth.


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The first three episodes of Peacemaker dropped on HBO Max last week, and Smith has finally had a chance to check the show out. In fact, the director recently took to his own YouTube channel to sing the praises of the series, and of Gunn’s handling of the material. His approach to telling a DC story, Smith says, pushes the superhero genre in a new direction. Check out his full comments below:

Oh my god, I can’t give a show higher praise than this. Yes, it is the cursing superhero show which rocks, but it’s so much more. Gunn takes a character from The Suicide Squad, played by John Cena, who was funny in the movie…he proved very deft with the material. He looks like an action figure, and I hate to bring it down to the aesthetics but my god he literally looks like a DC character…(Gunn’s) telling a story in the genre that hasn’t been told before. Telling a grown ass story using like action figures for heaven sakes. It would have been so easy for him to smash-smash them into each other and have them curse at each other but instead he’s telling a story with action figures, with toys that have a real human soul and heart to them.

Peacemaker Vigilante Chase

Smith’s remarks about Peacemaker echo much of what has been said about Gunn and his handling of superhero properties in general. Much of the reaction to his HBO Max show has been positive, with many noting that he has found ways to make all the bizarre characters stand out with their own unique personalities. In fact, beyond Smith’s praise of Cena, Gunn, and the series as a whole, he goes on to commend the other members of the cast (which includes comedian Steve Agee as John Economos, Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt, and more) for their performances as well.

All of this praise forces fans to wonder where Peacemaker will go from here. Episode 3 of the HBO Max series finally revealed the true nature of the butterflies during its final moments, clueing audiences into the fact that Christopher Smith is facing off against an alien invasion. Gunn seems to thrive when he is allowed to go incredibly weird with his stories and dive into the complexities of his characters, and it appears that the back half of Peacemaker is gearing up to let him do just that.

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Source: Kevin Smith

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