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Bennett Sipes Calls Carly Lawrence His ‘Soulmate’

Love Island star Bennett Sipes calls Too Hot To Handle star Carly Lawrence his “soulmate.” Check out what Bennett said and what Carly responded.

Love Island USA season 2 star Bennett Sipes has taken to social media to declare that his new girlfriend, Too Hot To Handle star Carly Lawrence, is his “soulmate.” In 2020, Bennett was introduced to Love Island fans as a 26-year-old executive assistant from Baltimore, Maryland. As he arrived in the Las Vegas villa, Bennett first coupled up with Kierstan Saulter. However, she still had feelings for Carrington Rodriguez and was on her way out of the show.

Bennett later re-coupled with newbie Lakeyn Call. There was some chemistry between them, but they were still eliminated right before the Love Island USA season 2 finale. In turn, Carly Lawrence was introduced on Too Hot To Handle season 2 as a 24-year-old model from Toronto, Canada. She started out with Chase de Moor but ended the season with Joey Joy. Carly and Joey stayed together for months after Too Hot To Handle but broke up in late 2021.


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Carly and Bennett recently announced on social media that they are now officially dating. On Wednesday, January 19, however, Bennett shared a new picture on Instagram declaring his love for Carly on a new level. “Never used the word soulmate until we found each other,” Bennett wrote in the post. In the comments, Carly replied with: “Love you hubby.” Judging by these interactions, it’s pretty clear that Bennett’s relationship with Carly is at an all-time high right now. Carly’s Too Hot To Handle costar Nathan Webb didn’t miss out on the opportunity to make a little joke. He wrote in the comments, “Swolemate.”

Individually, Bennett’s love life and Carly’s love life had been quite intense as of late. Bennett dated Love Island USA star Leslie Golden after she was kicked out of season 3 by producers due to bringing in a dab pen to the villa. They dated for a few months, but Leslie announced their breakup toward the end of 2021. When it comes to Carly, she dated Joey for many months after their time together on Too Hot To Handle, but they broke up after she accused him of cheating on her. In the aftermath of her breakup, Carly was rumored to be dating a few different guys. Alas, nothing came to fruition until this relationship with Bennett was made official on social media.

Reality TV fans have now known for some time that Bennett and Carly are officially dating, but Bennett calling his partner a “soulmate” for the first time in his life is undoubtedly new territory for him. Carly also called Bennett her “hubby,” so she appears to be much more confident in her relationship with Bennett than she felt with Joey. With Netflix releasing Too Hot To Handle season 3, it looks like season 2 star Carly has finally found love outside of the show.

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Source: Bennett Sipes/Instagram

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